Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Back. Not fat, just sassy.

Back from my cruise. It sucked ass. Ship too big, service sucked, facilities not nearly enough for the passengers. Rained, windy, purse was stolen. Only good thing about the whole trip was the spa and even that had it's faults. Never go on one of these really big ships. Stay with the smaller ones. I know I will.

Shit number two. I'm bummed Carlos will not be blogging. I will miss him. A lot. On to better stuff.

Good shit.

I lost weight on the cruise. Food sucked...guess that was a good thing. Not really anything to do with my self control or anything though...can't eat solid food still so as long as I stay away from the chips and candy, pop and ice cream, I should not gain at least. Really need to figure out how to eat healthy on this diet. I am dying for a hot fudge sundae though and I will be having one of those soon!

Better shit.

I went zip lining. OK, so the actual zipping sucked...of course...couldn't have something good on the trip ya know? I thought it would be exciting and it wasn't. I thought there would be this tummy dropping feeling when I launched my fat ass off the tower. There wasn't. It was just gliding on a wire. Yawn.

What was good then? Well, let me tell you. I never gave it a thought. Yep that's the good. I read the description of the excursion and all it's warnings. You must be under 240 pounds, your waist must be under 44 inches. You must have no heart problems or shoulder problems (oops!). You must be able to climb. A lot. I read all that and all I thought of was ohhhhh fun! In the past every single one of those things would have been cause for worry. Not only that, they'd all have been the reason I couldn't go on the thing at all. Just last year I weighed over 240. I don't know what my waist size is, but it never even entered my mind that it would be over the limit. How cool was that? I mean I never even thought of it until later I was looking at the stuff and it hit me that I'd just done it. No question of whether I could or not. Awesome. Freaking awesome. It was empowering and I didn't even know it at the time. Yes, it was boring. It won't be the next time.

Yep, there will be a next time.



  1. Glad your back!! Sorry your trip wasn't all that (and a bag of chips) mmm chips, but you wanted to come home cuz you missed all of us now right? lol :) Im pissed about Carlos your reading this C-tweet more or something dude!!!

    Good job on being FIT enough to ZIP! Id love to do that! Looks like fun!

  2. Sorry your trip sucked. But glad your back safe and sound.

  3. Oh no so i was being envious of you all this time for NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! lol
    Sorry to hear you didn't have a good time but...u lost weight so that's the plus!!

  4. YAY....glad you are back! But, I am sorry you had a crappy time. That sucks you go on a trip like that it sucks. I know the milestones of not having to worry about the weight limit or size limit is a major one. Still working on that one myself.....but I have been there before and it's awesome!!

    So, what have you decided diet wise? Are you going to do something more "organized" or just play it by ear? Either way, you can be successful. I know you can!

    Again, glad you are back...Missed you bunches!