Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do you know how it feels?

To accomplish something?

Can you remember the joy you felt when you set a goal for yourself and reached it?

My friend Heather does. Just read this. Look at this picture.

I'm so proud of her. Not only for her running goal, but her healthy living mojo she passes on to me.

This woman is an inspiration to me. She's reached her weight goal. She's active. I want to be just like her! I woke up this morning fighting with myself to be on program today. Will I? Won't I? Seeing Heather was just what I needed. That and the quote at the bottom of this post that I've adopted as my mantra. It honestly works for me.

A picture is worth a thousand words. I think her picture speaks volumes! Go on, go see it. You know you want to!

I can choose to be a success or I can choose to be a failure. I will be what I choose. I know which I'm choosing today.

Do you?

Peace be the journey


Friday, June 17, 2011


Well boys and girls...yet again. Someone shared something fabulous!

Frosted cauliflower. Now, don't be sticking your nose up! Give it a chance. At least go over and have a look at it!

Nutmeg Notebook posted this recipe a month or so ago.

I finally tried it tonight! It was fabulous! Really and truly.

I took a picture of mine, but hers is prettier as I forgot the paprika. Do yourself a favor and run over and check this out.

I will fix this again.

And again.

Keep sharing your recipes people. I, for one, appreciate them!!! Thank you Tami for this one!!!

Hey, it was a veg and I liked it!!!

Peace be the journey


Thursday, June 16, 2011

You are so fat!!!!

Kids are cruel.

Grown ups are too.

Were you mocked as a child? I was. I still am. I've always tried to laugh it off. Play the clown. But you know what? It hurts like hell. It always has. It always will.

I'm watching Extreme Makeover:Weight Loss that I DVR'd on Monday. Dana is walking across a big God damned bridge (will splain that later) and a homeless man is mocking him. A freaking homeless man!! Just yelling out Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat! Cow! Trainer finally can't stand it and goes off on the homeless guy. That's when I hit pause.

I want a trainer. I want every fat person in the world to have someone like that. Someone to jump to our defense, to be there for us when the assholes of the world mock us.

Yes, so OK when pigs fly out of my ass and sprinkle pixie dust that turns into money when it falls. That is when we're going to have someone to defend us always. So I guess we have to do it for ourselves.

Next time someone mocks me I'm not going to laugh. I'm going to let them know it hurt. Then I'm going to let them know they're ignorant mother fuckers because that's just the way I roll. I want to be a 'turn the other cheek' kind of girl....but I'm not. I'm a vindictive bitch.

Have you ever had anyone stand up for you? I don't really count TBM as well, husbands just have to do that shit. Remember, I'm 52 years old. I've had one person stand up for me in 52 years. One. I was 14 years old. My girlfriend Nancy was the hero. We had ridden our bikes down to the convenience store. She was getting a gallon of milk. I was probably buying potato chips. Some boys were laughing and pointing. That was nothing new to me. They always laughed and pointed. God I hated that. It hurt so much. They jeered. Yes, they jeered. One of them said 'Weighs 500 pounds'. Nancy looked with disgust at them. As only a waif of a girl with long blond hair down to her ass could do. If they had nads yet, I'm sure her look could have withered them. She raised her eyebrows and with mock innocence said 'Oh my, does milk weigh that much?'. It shut them up. We left. I knew I had someone in my corner. I have never forgotten that.


PS: Big God damned bridge. TBM and I were going to New Jersey to visit my brother somewhere around 1983. My dad in all his navigational wisdom was telling us how to get there. We had to cross the George Washington bridge. Daddy couldn't remember the name of it, but he kept calling it 'The big God damned bridge'. He must've said it 20 times! Every time we get on a bridge now, one of us will inevitably ask if it's a 'big God damned bridge'. Daddy died in 2005. He's left me with so many memories I'll never forget.


Peace be the journey


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Caught with egg on my face

Oh wow....was I ever! Can't wait until it happens again!!!!

I was reading a few of my favorite blogs, as I'm wont to do when I don't want to do what I really should be doing. C'mon, you know you do it too!!!! Renee from My Kitchen Adventures posted all about these little babies!!!! Yes, I know that's a hell of a long link...I just couldn't decide which part to highlight!

Anyway, silicone egg poachers. Freaking awesome!!!!! Read about hers, read about mine, then run out and get yourself some! They work. No mess, no hassle, very little clean up! Loved them! I don't usually like a lot of pictures, it makes me dizzy to scroll down to look at them. I can't help it, I need to include all 6 here!

Without further ado.....Pixie's version of Huevos Rancheros. Clocked in at 6 PointsPlus. I added some Guiltless Gourmet tortilla chips to the mix for an extra 2 points.

Here is my egg in it's adorable little silicone nest. I sprayed it with non stick cooking spray first.

I brought a few inches of water to boil in the pan and then gently set my little boat afloat. I covered the pan.

I set the timer.

I used a slotted spoon to remove the egg. Pan is pristine. Slotted spoon clean as all it touched was the silicone cup.

One little slip of my spoon around the edge of the cup and the egg slid right out onto my waiting mountain of goodness. Not one thing left in that silicone cup. Clean as a whistle. Nothing stuck. Getting the idea it worked well???

Finished product. It was so good! The egg made it rich. I even forgot the chips until half way through the meal. Yes, that is indeed a dinner plate. It was a mountain of yumminess!

It was a meal I'd eat again in an instant. I make my own taco meat with ground turkey. I had 1/4 cup of fat free refried beans on the bottom. Yes TJ that is indeed green stuff! Romaine. A little salsa for zing. Yummy!

I got these Norpro egg cups from Amazon. I ordered 1 set of 2. I just now placed an order for 5 more sets. I wanted another for myself and several of my friends in the park wanted them too after hearing me rave about them at Mah Jongg today. I'm sure you can find them at a local store. I give them two thumbs up!

Peace be the journey


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Notes from the Universe

You all know I really enjoy the notes from the universe I get in my inbox daily. Some days they make me smile, some days they're lame, but some days they really resonate with me. Take this one for example.....

All that you need to have all that you want, Debby, will be provided, as if by magic, once you know what you want and do something about it every day.

No matter what,
The Univers

Wow....what a concept! What if when we were floundering, or even off the deep end in our journey to health, hotness, or hell I don't know what, if we just did something every day.

When I was so far off plan here the last year, I didn't really know where to begin. It seemed overwhelming to me to just give up the bad habits and dive into the good. That's what took so long. 65 pounds long.

What if, when I fell off the horse and the bastard ran away on me, I did just one thing. What if I ate one veg a day. What if I did that for a whole week and then the next week did something else? What if I went for a 5 minute walk instead of doing nothing at all? Maybe after a few weeks, the gap between my insane out of control life style & some semblance of healthy behavior wouldn't have seemed so wide.

Are you out there in the same boat I was? Sinking fast? You know what you just seems to difficult to obtain it.

Today do something.


One thing.

No matter what.

Peace be the journey


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Let us begin it

No, not the grace that my father would say if allowed.....

Let us begin it.
Take a potato and skin it.
Pass the cake for Christ's sake.

Sorry, that came to mind, therefor, had to be shared.

Tomorrow is the day I get back on program. By the time any of you read this, it will be the day. It's been a long time coming. I've been dragging my feet. Making every excuse in the book. Even tonight I caught myself thinking...just one more day. I'll start Thursday. Well, I've one more day'd myself into about 65 extra pounds that I didn't have a year ago. That I didn't need. That I didn't want.

So, enough with the 'tomorrow'. Tomorrow is here and it's now today.

I can choose to be a success or I can choose to be a failure. I will be whichever I choose.

What do I choose? This was me 65 pounds ago. I choose to be this again.

What do I choose? This was me 65 pounds ago. I choose to get here again.

What do I choose? This was me 65 pounds ago. I choose to be that girl again.

One vision. One goal.

Peace be the journey.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Ready! Set! Go!

BANG! The starter pistol fires, my team mate shoots off the block. Holy shit she's going like someone lit a fire under her ass! She hands off to the next team mate. He's going so fast he's a freaking blur! He comes close to the next team mate. Baton extended, it's a perfect transfer! Team mate number 3 is running balls to the wall. Her head is high, her legs pumping like pistons! Our team is going for a state record! No way we can't win! I shake out the wiggles. I take a deep breath and get into position. I'm looking forward, my hand is extended backwards. I can hear my team mate coming. I can hear her feet pounding the track, I can hear her breath. I start to move. I feel the baton slide into my hand. As my fingers close around that baton I feel it slip. I feel the gut wrenching agony as it slips out of my hand. In that split second, I lose the state record. I let my team down. All their hard work is for naught. I had one chance and I blew it.

Thank fuck weight loss isn't like that eh?????

How many times have we dropped the baton? I know I've dropped that bitch so many times I can't count them.

What's the difference between a 4 by 4 relay and weight loss when it comes to dropping the baton? Well, in weight loss you can pick it up and keep going. You can pick it up, dust it off, and continue on your journey. You can still win. That is so deep I need to say it again.

You can still win.

Have you started a weight loss program so many times you can't count? So what. Start it again. This time might be the time you win. You can't win if you don't keep trying that's for damn sure.

Take a deep breath, push your fears aside, grab a fresh baton and spring off that starting block. Oh, you might falter, you might fall flat on your face. You're rusty after all. It's fine. It's a healthy lifestyle. It's not a one shot deal.

People may give you eye rolls. I mean really, you've tried this so many times before. Screw them and the horse they rode in on. Just do it for you. Nobody else. Just you.

There is a winner in each of us just aching to get out. I've been stuffing my winner with food. I've been sitting on my fat ass so she can't excel. Well, enough is enough. That bitch wants out! She wants to show me what she's got.

I think I'll let her.

How about you? Are you squashing your inner winner? How about assuming the position and reaching for that baton? You can be on my team! You know.....the winning team!

Peace be the journey


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Well boys and girls....can we all give each other a big bravo or brava! C'mon, you know you want to. Let me hear you.

OK, I hear you saying 'What the hell?? Is she back on the crack again???' Stop that! In case you don't know, at WW they hand out little stars that say 'bravo' on them when you do something good. You know, like when you were in kindergarten and got a gold star in the middle of your forehead? I went to Catholic school and the nuns had it in for me so I never got one of those. Bitches scarred me for life I tell ya! I try to make up for it in Bravo's.

My Weight Watcher meeting was good yesterday. I took a picture of the flip board the minute I walked in as I knew just who I wanted to hand a great big BRAVA to!

I mean I saw it, I read it, and immediately put it on Facebook for my gal TJ. Oh, I didn't stop there. When we discussed this in class, I shared just how much she has done for me. In case you don't know it, this girl has her doctorate in sticktoitidness. That is not an easy degree to earn! She is the perfect example of what happens a few ounces at a time. There is just nothing I can say to get across to her how much she motivates me always. Always.

It also got me thinking. Do we thank the people that mean a lot to us? If we don't, how will they know? Does TJ know what she's done for me? Probably not and I need to rectify that. We all need a foundation and a lot of the blogs I read provide that for me.

This was the last page at our meeting. My challenge for the week. So, I'd like to hand out great big thank you's now.

I read a lot of blogs. I only read the ones that inspire me, make me laugh, give me good recipes, make me think, or move me in some way or another. If I'm reading your blog, it's because you have done one or more of those things for me. I'd like to thank you. You just know I'm going to forget someone...I'm old. I forget. I'm sorry. I'm only talking about my healthy living blogs here. So, if you're another type of blog writer and you're not mentioned here, don't get your tighty whities in a bunch!

I miss Carlos and Fat Daddy. See, even if you quit blogging, sometimes you have made a lasting impression.

Heather gives me great recipes. She was a WW leader and has so much to offer. I'm still waiting for my 3 month journal cover from her! I just know it's going to be pink.

Diane. Wow. Just wow.

Simone. This young chickie is going to get her shit together one of these days and I'm going to be able to say I was there when she did it! I'm also going to meet her when I go to England next. She just doesn't know it yet.

Sue. OMG l augh until I nearly wet myself. I LOVE her name. She took a bit of crap for it at Fitbloggin...but I just love it.

Jack. Some of his shi* makes me snort. Some makes me think.

I love the recipes. TJ of course does a lot, but so does Point-less meals, Danica, Tami, & Renee.

Marcy inspires me.

Let's not forget our very own Portuguese Princess or Suzi. Suzi, for your information has reached goal. GOAL PEOPLE!!!!! She makes me think, and makes me laugh til I tinkle. Gotta love that combo!

So, from the bottom of my little Pixie heart I thank all of you. One of these days I'm going to get my poop in a group and it's because you were all my foundation!

Peace be the journey