Monday, June 6, 2011

Ready! Set! Go!

BANG! The starter pistol fires, my team mate shoots off the block. Holy shit she's going like someone lit a fire under her ass! She hands off to the next team mate. He's going so fast he's a freaking blur! He comes close to the next team mate. Baton extended, it's a perfect transfer! Team mate number 3 is running balls to the wall. Her head is high, her legs pumping like pistons! Our team is going for a state record! No way we can't win! I shake out the wiggles. I take a deep breath and get into position. I'm looking forward, my hand is extended backwards. I can hear my team mate coming. I can hear her feet pounding the track, I can hear her breath. I start to move. I feel the baton slide into my hand. As my fingers close around that baton I feel it slip. I feel the gut wrenching agony as it slips out of my hand. In that split second, I lose the state record. I let my team down. All their hard work is for naught. I had one chance and I blew it.

Thank fuck weight loss isn't like that eh?????

How many times have we dropped the baton? I know I've dropped that bitch so many times I can't count them.

What's the difference between a 4 by 4 relay and weight loss when it comes to dropping the baton? Well, in weight loss you can pick it up and keep going. You can pick it up, dust it off, and continue on your journey. You can still win. That is so deep I need to say it again.

You can still win.

Have you started a weight loss program so many times you can't count? So what. Start it again. This time might be the time you win. You can't win if you don't keep trying that's for damn sure.

Take a deep breath, push your fears aside, grab a fresh baton and spring off that starting block. Oh, you might falter, you might fall flat on your face. You're rusty after all. It's fine. It's a healthy lifestyle. It's not a one shot deal.

People may give you eye rolls. I mean really, you've tried this so many times before. Screw them and the horse they rode in on. Just do it for you. Nobody else. Just you.

There is a winner in each of us just aching to get out. I've been stuffing my winner with food. I've been sitting on my fat ass so she can't excel. Well, enough is enough. That bitch wants out! She wants to show me what she's got.

I think I'll let her.

How about you? Are you squashing your inner winner? How about assuming the position and reaching for that baton? You can be on my team! You know.....the winning team!

Peace be the journey


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  1. omg...inappropriate I know, but the phrase "winning!" just came to mind :) Thanks for the pass. My inner winner does things and goes places :)