Sunday, October 31, 2010

Everyday life

I find it amazing how many times something said in everyday life, not meant to be about getting healthy, really relates.

For example. TBM had a gross thing on his ear. Had it shaved off 3 different times, burned off once. Just now had it cut out. It was cancer. He was told this.

"Shaving it off doesn't get the root."

Just like my journey to healthy living. Maybe not yours, but mine.

I can go gung ho at a weight loss program. Exercise like a machine. Then, much like a car that has just rolled 1 mile over warranty, screech to a grinding halt.

I must get to the root of my overeating. I can't just keep shaving it off the top. I always thought I'd lose the weight and then figure out what my problem was so it didn't come back. Oops, found out that was the wrong order for me!

I have to find out what's at the root of my overeating. WHY do I do it? THEN lose the weight and keep it off.

I really hate how I feel right now. I'm not comfortable in any of my clothes. None of them. Hate the feeling. So, what makes me keep shoveling it in? Good stuff to ponder for sure.

I hiked my butt out this morning for a walk. My knees are killing me. I keep telling myself they'll feel better with every pound I get off.

Just call me Dr. Debby as I'm going to get to the root of this. Yep I am.

Peace be the journey


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


You all know I love my 'notes from the Universe'.

Everyone, Debby, lives the life of their choosing.

Not just what they chose, but what they're choosing.

Game on,
The Universe

Game on indeed.

I am fat because I choose to eat food that isn't wise. My knees hurt because I'm fat because I chose to eat junk. Lots of junk. I intend to start choosing differently. I made me what I am, and I can change me. Oh hell ya!

Today I choose to use my lunch hour to move my bod in the pool.

Today I choose to not eat potato chips.

Today I choose to eat a fruit and a veg.

Today I choose to treat my body better so it will treat me better.

My biggest choice today is to start blogging about once a month. I'm having trouble fitting everything in with a full time job. I'm just not used to it. It's what I have to do for me. I have time to either read blogs or write blogs. I choose read for now.

Peace be the journey


Friday, October 22, 2010


About a month ago someone asked me to do a guest post for their blog. I never saw it there, and I sure didn't want to waste it! Sharing it here today.

Going to a new doc today at 9. Hope it's a fit. If not, I'll keep looking.

Man it's something that is needed in weight loss and healthy living for sure.

When X asked me to blog on endurance, I thought it could be a quite interesting topic.

I read a lot of blogs and lots of them are rock stars of endurance. I'm not going to use links here as this isn't my blog. If you mosey on over to my blog you'll be able to find all the people I talk about here in my blogroll. Wow, I just went to check and I only had like 4 on my blog roll....fixed that pronto!

OK, so of course the first one that comes to mind is TJ. OMG she is the queen of endurance. Loses slowly, but never gives up. Sticks with it. True endurance. Bitchcakes has been with it for ages, and reached goal and is maintaining. Endurance. Fit to the Finish, wow she's been at goal for ages. Endurance. Heather, goal, former Weight Watcher leader, keepin it off. Endurance. The list like that goes on.

There's another list though. A list of those of us that have tried, slipped a little (OK a lot!), tried again, slipped some more, tried again...seeing a pattern here?

Bigger Boat, Fat Daddy, Mason's Mommy, Puffypixie, CJ, this list also goes on.

Who has endurance? Those from list A, or those from list B? I'm here to tell you both of them.

If you're a member of list B, do not, and I repeat, do NOT think you have failed. It takes true endurance to keep trying. I don't give a shit what some out there think. Trying again after it didn't go so well the first time is true freaking endurance. Hell yes it is. We're like the Energizer Rabbit...keep going and going and going.

We learn from our screw ups. We get back up on that horse and we try again. We may not make it this time either, but by golly we're going to learn something in the process. We will get it one day. We really will. I have confidence.

I've learned that the more times I don't succeed, the harder it is to gain back lost ground. Not fair, and it sucks. So, knowing that, this time, I intend to not give up lost ground. I've claimed it, climbed to the top and stuck my flag in it, it's mine. I'm not looking at how much ground I have to cover, I'm looking at what I've got under my belt.

Lemme splain. You were on a weight loss program. You were exercising, and you lost 50 pounds and you felt great. You had a blip and you gained 60 pounds. Oh the horror. None of the rest of us have ever done that! So, now, you're back. You look at that 60 pounds now you have to lose on top of maybe some more. Crap, that's a lot. If only you'd not gained that 50 back.

Well cupcake, the if only's aren't going to help you or me. Hell yes, if only I hadn't gained back 50 of the pounds I lost, I'd only have 50 more to get to goal and now I have 100. How the hell is dwelling on that going to help me? It's not. I gained them, they're securely ensconced on my ass, thighs, stomach, you name it. I was stupid and I did it to myself. Oops, it's done. I can't undo it no matter how much I'd like to. So, because I have endurance, I'm back. Hopefully smarter and stronger this time. So like Grant took Richmond, Pixie is taking on the blubber. One pound at a time.

C'mon peeps, come join me.

Endurance today.
Endurance tomorrow.
Endurance forever.

Peace be the journey

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boy Scout Debby

Man this week is so much better than last. The crockpot has been awesome. Two fantastic dinners. Last night TBM had off and I was dying for tacos. Super TBM to the resuce! He went to the store (I know! Gasp!), and got ground turkey and maters and a few other things. I got home from work 15 minutes early and since he was whipping up dinner, I sat with a glass of wine and my feet up. Oh ya, that's what I'm talking about! I can't wait to see if my little changes are paying off.

In the past, if I wasn't strictly on program, I was strictly off program. If I wanted tacos, it would have been ground beef, tons of guac, piles of cheese, oh and yes, lets pour on the sour cream. Yesterday I asked him to get ground turkey and we used Greek Yogurt instead of sour cream. We also SHARED a 100 calorie pack of guacamole! That's unheard of ppl! It will be so interesting at my WI next week.

My note from the universe today was a little spur in a further direction. I'm not exercising at all. Here it is. Maybe it'll light a little fire under you too.

Although there are a few exceptions, Debby, the more you do, the more you'll get, by huge margins. HUGE.

So unless an exception applies to you, I say do more.

The Universe

Hmmmmmm so even though I'm doing something, maybe I could do a little more? Freakin awesome. I can do more.

Can you?

Peace be the journey


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Reinventing the wheel

I hear that a lot. Don't re-invent the wheel.

Well, was that very first wheel perfect? I doubt it. I bet it needed a bit of tweaking.

Life is like that for me. Maybe not for you, but for me it is.

I was forced to go back to work. Oh, no part time job for me. Oh no, I had to jump in with a 40 hour work week. To say I am not used to this is an understatement!

I have worried a few of my friends with my comments about burning at both ends etc. I need to make things perfectly clear here. Of course I don't want to work, but the job is good. It's right up my alley. It's not physically demanding. I swore I would never do that again. This summer working in the restaurant, coming home every night in tears sucked. This job is excellent, if you have to work. I'm learning new programs on the computer. I get to interact with people. I'm challenging myself and winning and that makes me feel great. I like the job. Will I continue with it after both our houses and our 5th wheel and truck sell? I don't know. I would if it could be done part time, but it can't. I really do love it though, so probably! So, now that that is clear as muc. Let's reinvent shall we?

This last week was difficult as it was all new. I wasn't prepared. I didn't quite know how to go about getting prepared. I tried a few things, they didn't work, so I tried a few more. I'm getting it.

As you know I'm an avid Weight Watchers supporter. I think it's a fantastic program. It works. It really does. I made the difficult decision to cancel my membership. I can't go to meetings. I do know the program. I can use the $40 elsewhere for sure. Money wasn't the reason I cancelled it though. My brain needs a rest. Excuse? Maybe. I know that this week it was all I could do to grab anything to eat, never mind counting points or figuring recipes. That's not going to work for sure! There are bowls of candy sitting around at work and huge bags of individual sized chips. All my favorite things. So, reinventing and preparation were in my future for sure. I couldn't face it M-F, but as I have weekends off for right now, I made it my goal to tackle it yesterday and today.

I've decided to try to do what I've read so many places. Eat less and move more. One step further, I'm going to try eating more whole foods, more healthy options. Incorporate more fruit and veg into my life. I'm planning ahead for the week to come. I planned meals, made a list, and we'll shop later when TBM gets up.

I asked for help. TBM works 3 days a week, midnights. I've asked him to fix dinner on his days off. I'll fix his on the days he works. Sounded like a fair trade to me and he agreed. I'm going to use the crock pot more. I'm going to prepare foods on my days off and freeze them. I thought partial preparation would work. It didn't. Example. I got up Friday morning and put chicken on to simmer. I asked Den to drain it, take the meat from the bone and put it in the fridge so I could make soup when I got home from work. He even chopped the celery, onion, and carrot for me. Bless. I got home at 5:30 and I was just beat. I wanted brown rice in the soup. I like my brown rice to cook about an hour. I didn't want to wait that long to eat. Lesson learned. Wheel reinvented so to speak. I know now that I need food totally prepared or I'm just going to grab what I can. Cooked brown rice freezes well. I shall cook a batch today and freeze it in 1 cup portions for recipes.

So many of you have given me great ideas. I want you to know how much I appreciate them. Yes, I worked a lot of hours and still ran with my kids when they were little. I was younger then. That plays a huge factor. I'm not over the hill by any means, but it is harder now than it was then for sure.

There aren't enough hours in the day to do all I want to do so I have to prioritize. I have to keep my mind sane and my body healthy. Balance is my motto.

I'm going to get this. I really am.

Peace be the journey


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On the day that you were born

Sing it with me....

The angels got together and decided to create a dream come true!

OK, so I don't have hair of gold, eyes of blue, or a penis, but I'm sure the angels were really singing about me and that brother and sister duo just changed the words around!

I love my birthday. Weird for most women I know. It's my day. Feel free to adore me at will.

I'm 52 today. I don't bother lying about my age. It's just a number. Always has been. Didn't mind turning 40 or 50. Just means a day to get bigger presents!

Big new plans coming in my weight loss journey. Planning to be done because of the new job. Looking forward to the challenge.

Life is good.

Peace be the journey


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What a way to make a living

Working 9-5

Wow. I never thought I'd be doing the 9-5 thing again. Actually, I never did the 9-5 thing. I owned my own daycare back in the day. I made my own hours. They were 7-5 but still, I made them.

This is scary as hell people. I wanted a part time job. One day a week. We're in financial difficulty, but if we're frugal, we'll be OK. We HAVE to sell the house in Michigan. We HAVE to sell the smaller house here in Florida. We HAVE to sell the 5th wheel and the truck. After that, we'll be fine. Until then? It's freaking hell. I'm not complaining. I know people have it a whole shit load worse for sure. Our financial situation right now is of our own choosing. Lots today sure can't say that! TBM has 3 days at work, hoping to pick up 2 more. So far, that's not happening. So, I'd pitch in, get a day a week in the office at the park. Ya, well, that turned into 40+ somehow! WTF????

I have to learn things. I have to learn to be prepared ahead. I did NOT want to fix dinner last night when I got out of work. Well, that's a bad example as yesterday I got up at 6, went to the dermatologist, had something frozen off my head, rushed home and went to work, skipping both breakfast AND lunch. Rushed out of work at 4:45 to get to WW then rushed to eat dinner and rushed to shop. STOP THE FUCKING TRAIN! This is NOT going to be my life. I'm too old for this shit! OMG people, how DO you do this?????

So, now here it is 8am of another 9-5 day and I'm in my nightie typing this drinking coffee chatting on AIM to a friend. Breakfast? Nope. Hell I'm not even dressed yet. Lunch? No frigging idea. Dinner? Hell no, definitely no idea about that.

Kinda scared peeps.

Peace be the journey


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Stop thief!!!!

Too late!

OMG I had to share this picture that I borrowed (stole) from my friend Sally. OK, so she's not my friend, she probably doesn't even know who I am, but you understand the term friend in blogspeak right? I'm a happiness whore. If you make me laugh, you are my friend. So, this morning, Sally is my BFF for sure. I laughed right out loud. Before I finished my coffee. Quite unsettling actually. I got looks of horror from the hubster and the dog cowered in the corner. They probably thought I was going to go on another binge with the 10 inch chef knife. Nah, you only do that once. Anyway, without further ado, I bring you...

I for one have been there. Oh I know I should have my act together "at my age", but know what? I don't. I'm not perfect. Hell I'm not even mediocre...yet. I'm striving for mediocrity though. I'm trying to learn moderation. I'm going to print this little guy off and put him on my fridge. If you're struggling, you are not alone. Let me say that again. You are not alone.

If you've just eaten enough food to keep a camp of starving Ethiopians full for 2 years, don't despair. You are not alone. When I do things like that, I'll think, "OMG I'm the only one in the world that does this". It makes me feel better to know I'm not. That I'm not totally insane.

We can do this people. We may be old dogs, but we can learn new tricks. We can learn to leave one slice in the box. Just one. When we get that licked, we can learn to leave 2 slices. Baby steps. One day we'll learn that we can take just 2 slices from the box and leave ALL the rest.

Oh ya. Nothing better than old doggies learning new tricks.

Peace be the journey


Friday, October 8, 2010

Top 10

Mind to disjointed to make a paragraphical blog this mornin. It's all over the place. I slept maybe an hour last night. Oh that's not going to bode well for today! Things going freakin fantastic here. Mostly.

1. I got a job! That's right peeps, no poor house for me and TBM. Thank fuck.

2. I've been kicking ass at the Weight Watcher program. I actually feel a bit less blubbery. Today should be my meeting, but with my new job I won't be able to go mornings anymore so I have to switch to a night time meeting. With Fat Daddy type thinking here's where my mind went. IF I went to my regular meeting today, I wouldn't go again until a week from Monday at night. So, that means over a week. My mind might, heavy on the might, think oh wow, I can eat an extra day or two and it won't count. Free days, you know? So, I'm not going to my meeting this morning, I'm going Monday night instead. That way I'll be forced to be extra good the next few days because I'm switching from a morning weigh in to an evening one.

3. Did I mention there are big bowls of chocolate candy bars in my new office? Fuck me. Still working on what to do about that. No, they must be there. I have to suck it up. I'm thinking of a big bowl of grapes on my desk. Only for me though. I don't want any nasty ass strangers fingers in my grape bowl.

4. This job is something I've never done. I'm going to be selling real estate in our park. I don't need a license as the park is the broker. Lots of paper work. Lots of computer work. Lots of all kinds of shit I don't know how to do. How fucking awesome is that? Old dog learning new tricks. I feel empowered. Seriously. I'm not afraid, I'm excited. I'm ready to learn and amaze.

5. No exercise peeps. None, nada, zip. WTF kind of failure am I at that? Suzi will be kicking my ass soon. Need a plan. Add that to the list.

6. Lots of personal drama in my life at the moment. I hate drama. I hate not sleeping ALL night. Drama kept me awake ALL night. Shit.

7. I have a worrying breast lump. Sorry guys to just put that out there. I went for my yearly in September. I told her about the lump. I had my yearly mamo followed by an ultra sound by some asshole that I'd much rather have cold cocked than let him palpitate my breast. He and the woman before him were cold, rude, and really pains in the asses. Couldn't see the lump on ultra sound. I get that. So, he'd roll over it with the rolly overy thingy and I'd feel it and say, right there. He, instead of saying 'it's not showing up on the scan', kept saying 'there is no lump'. Well excuse the fuck out of me asshole, YES THERE IS! Now, it may be some kind of benign tissue that doesn't show up on ultra sound, I don't know, I'm not a doctor, but when you've got some fuckwad telling you there is no lump at all, and not only can you feel it with your fingers, you can feel it just there. I can feel it just sitting here...from the inside out, ya know, you're not getting the answers you need. So, ladies, we need to stand up for ourselves. If we feel something is hinky, we need to take it further. I've made another appointment with my doc, who I'm not too sure I'm fond of and this will be the deciding factor. Tell me it's a cyst, tell me it's fatty breast tissue, tell me WHAT it is, because it sure the fuck IS.

8. I've got a 7 bedroom home in MI that needs to sell. I've got a park model in the park here that needs to sell. I've got a 35 foot 5th wheel and a 1ton diesel here that need to sell. I can breathe when those 3 things sell.

9. I ate fruit and veg this week. Holy shit that's huge.

10. On the whole, life is good. My mind is in turmoil, but it will pass. Main thing? All that shit going on in my life right now and I stayed on program. Did you hear that? I STAYED ON PROGRAM. ALL WEEK LONG.

Go me!

Peace be the journey


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am Queen

Of denial.

Corny, I know, but I love a good pun. C'mon you know I'd rock that Cleopatra look!

So, yesterday I was driving the truck and feeling totally uncomfortable. Oh yes peeps, I'm not comfortable in anything but a nightgown or bathing suit right now. Why? Well I'm too damn fat that's why! I hate the feeling of the fat oozing over the top of my jeans. Worse yet is what oozes out the back. Caught sight of myself sitting in a chair at cards the other night. Pfffft on window reflections. It's very hard for me to hoist myself up into the truck, or even up into bed for that matter. Everything hurts and is screaming. Hell I'd scream too if someone made me carry 50 extra pounds and expected me to do it as well as I used to. So what the heck happened?


I was below 200. I was an exercising machine. I even had a personal trainer. My stomach problem came back. The one where I can't eat solid food. Man let me just tell you how bad that sucks. You think it would be heaven if you couldn't eat? It's not. I never felt good as what food I ate didn't digest. It just sat in the stomach and rotted. I never felt could you with food rotting in there? If I ate, I could eat 1 or 2 bites at most. Nothing solid at all. One bite of meat and I was done for the day. Bread? Nope. Popcorn? Nope. Pasta? Nope. I was reduced to protein drinks so at least I could get some protein in. Fruit juices, yogurt. Didn't lose weight either. Now that really sucks ass people. No solid food and no losing weight? Pfffft. It's called gastroparysis and it's the devil. Don't know what caused it the first time, though I was in Mexico at the time so I still wonder if it's not somehow virus related. Lasted about a year, year and a half and then one day it was just gone. Oh the joy! Gained a butt load of weight because, well, I could eat again! Was gone for a year or so, then BAM it came again. Repeat scenario. Third times a charm right? Last December I flew home for a week. January 2 the tummy trouble was back. OMG I was so depressed. That made me wonder if stress could trigger it. So I decided to try to will it to go away. Don't know if that worked or what, but this time instead of lasting for a year or more, it only lasted a month or two. I was happy. I started to eat. I gained weight. denial. Just once I'd like to stay on topic!!!!!

I was under 200...I gained about 9 pounds after being able to eat again. It was so wonderful to enjoy all my favorite foods again. I knew I needed to get back on program. My clothes were getting a wee bit tight. I still felt pretty though. I quit exercising as all my joints hurt. Long story, but man everything hurts. So I gained some more.

I knew I was up over 215 now, but surely it can't be fat. I mean honest to God fat. It has to be water weight. You can't just gain 15 pounds that quickly. When I get back OP it'll just melt off.

I'm now up over 225 and forced to buy new clothes. Must really be retaining water. Never a doubt in my mind it'll just spring from my body when I rejoin Weight Watchers.

We get ready to head back to Michigan. I know that we're going home to get the house ready to sell. Lots of work. I also know I have to work a real job. A physically demanding job. I figured get home, get settled, then get back on program. I'm up to 235 now. I had to go out and buy more new clothes. Bigger clothes. I had to buy a bigger work shirt and bigger work pants as my uniforms didn't come anywhere close to fitting from the year before. How much water can one body hold???

I had a crap summer. I was in so much pain from working at the restaurant that when I got home I couldn't move. I was so tired from getting the big house clean and spruced up and ready to sell my mind just fizzled. The stress was at top level too. Color me 240.

We finally had our last day of work. We got the house pristine. We got the U-Haul packed up. We loaded up the 5th wheel, tossed the dog in the U-Haul and set off on our journey for Florida for the last time. 1450 miles. Me driving the rig and TBM driving the U-Haul. We arrived in paradise, unloaded, started making this our home. I finally decided it was time to get rid of all this water weight and sucked it up and went back to Weight Watchers 10 days ago. Get out your paint kit and color me 247.2. I hope you have a lot of paint. OMG it's a good thing I was sitting down here at home alone when I looked at that card. I was shocked. How could I be shocked? I mean I had to go buy clothes not once, not twice, but three times. I'm not comfortable doing anything but sitting. So, how could I be shocked?


It just hit me yesterday that this isn't water weight. This isn't going to just melt off. Just because I went back to WW, it didn't take it off over night.

Fuck me sideways...I really have to work at this. Know something else? It's harder this time! That's right people. Harder. Not easier. I was so far into denial I really thought this 'fat' would melt right off as soon as I got my act together. It's not real fat after all. It's new fat. That should be easier to get off. Oh I'm going to work like hell to get back to where I was as I just can't stand this feeling. I will succeed.

Please learn from the Queen of Denial. FAT IS FAT. New fat, old fat, it's all fat and it's harder than hell to get off. SO, if you get some off, work really hard to keep it off folks. It's not easy to get it off again and again. Once that fat gets on you, it's going to fight to stay.

It sucks asp.

Peace be the journey


Monday, October 4, 2010

Work for it

Today, to read my post, you have to go here. I did a guest post for Danica and I'm too lazy to write one for here too!

Not's just that it's gorgeous today and I have stuff to do. Went to coffee hour this morning (no donut for me thank you very much!) and now am off and out!

Peace be the journey


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Clutter control

I was reading an article about clutter control for the home. It hit me how much it pertained to weight loss and healthy living.

#1 Have a plan

Seems like an obvious beginning, but how many of us don't really have a set plan? How do we get a plan? Well here's what Clutter Control 101 suggests.

Have a plan
1. What is your biggest problem?
A. Have the tools you need close at hand.
2. Pick a main goal.
A. Get it done.
B. Perfect it later.

OK, so I want to lose weight right?

* What's my biggest problem? Um, I eat too freaking much! So I chose Weight Watchers. You choose whatever works for you. Then we need to work it.

* Have the tools we need close at hand. What are my tools?

When I go shopping, I have a WW points calculator in my purse. Always.

When I'm planning my food for the day, I use the WW online tracker. I have books for back up in case the Internet is down.

I have a restaurant site in the favorites on my phone so if I'm out, and want food, I know how many points it will cost to eat where.

* Pick a main goal

This is important. Really important. So we want to lose weight. Without a main goal, something in cement, I think we're just destined to fail. We're just flopping around like fish on dry land. I think we need both a long term, and a short term goal. When I first began my journey, I knew I had 200+ pounds to lose. It was too much to think of that, so I took it a week at a time. My main goal (which I know now was a mistake), was to get under 200 pounds. I did that. Then I stopped. That was my main goal. I wasn't bright enough to THEN form another main goal. I was lost and I didn't know where to go from there. I went back up. This is why I think we need more than one. Even if you have 300 pounds to lose, your main goal should be your bottom line. Where do you want to be when you're finished? Keep it somewhere in the back of your mind even when working on your short term goals. Don't think of how hard it will be to get there, just think, "yep some day I'm going to weigh 150 pounds".

* Get it done

You've got your goal, your tools, now go to it. Get it done. A day at a time, a step at a time. Be like Nike and just do it. Start your program and go go go.

* Perfect it later

You've started your program, and something isn't quite right. Don't give up. Tweak it a little. Pretty soon it'll be perfect. When it isn't anymore, tweak it again.

We all need a plan. I'm working on mine. Are you working on yours? What have you learned that could help me?

Peace be the journey


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Calories in calories out

Again all the good stuff I want to blog about has to wait because of something that just happened.

We've all heard losing weight is all about calories in calories out. Makes sense to me. I buy it.

I belong to Weight Watchers as most of you know. Love it. Love the program. Love the freedom. Love the balance of it. Yes, it's a fabulous program.

My friend Becky started using My Fitness Pal to track her calories. I decided to shimmy on over there and check that site out. Went to register and found I already had an account. Go figure. If you're a calorie counter, it's a great site. So far it's had every food in it's bank I added to my daily menu. It also seems to be pretty user friendly which is a big plus in my book.

OK, so here's why I needed to blog about this tonight instead of something else. I figure I should be on about a 1200 calorie diet to lose me some fat. Weight Watchers thinks the same. I'm allowed a certain number of points on Weight Watchers and that's supposed to pretty much equal the amount of calories I should have to shed weight safely. With me still?

So far today I've had 982 calories. Not too bad you say? According to Weight Watchers, I still have 11.5 points left! Now generally a point is pretty much equal to 50 we're talking another 550 cals. Well over the 1200 I was shooting for.

Here's where it gets trickier. Depending on the fiber in the food, or even the type of food, the points don't really reflect the calories in the food. Some foods, like my whole wheat bread for example, have 100 calories, but only 1 point because of the fiber in it. Veg, most of them, are 0 points, but they still have calories. This has been a real eye opener for me. For example, my 1/2 sandwich at lunch time had tomato, cukes, and romaine on it...0 WW points, but 30 calories. No biggie? That was just a few of each thing. So you can see how a large salad could potentially have a lot of calories, but 0 points. A bit more WW math. I had 1 T Miracle Whip Light for 0 points, but again, it had 15 calories. Marcy, no aspartame in mine, but drat it's got HFCS and I don't eat in the trash mine goes too! It really does add up!

As long as I'm losing weight at a steady rate, I'll keep on doing WW the way it's intended. If my weight loss slows down, I'll start taking a good hard look at the calories in what I'm eating.

I never get over how I keep learning things!

Peace be the journey


Friday, October 1, 2010

Bring it

Man I had so many topics for today's blog. I really did.

I'm too high to go there. Stay tuned for a more lucid blog tomorrow-ish.

I gained a butt load and a half of weight since last year. We're broke flatter than piss on a platter. My stove doesn't work, my toilets are sub standard, my shower is broke. I've got 2 houses and a 5th wheel to sell. Hubs only has 3 days of work and needs 5. Don't even get me started on family health issues!

Am I giving up? Throwing in the towel? Using all this adversity as an excuse to stay fat? Stay unfit?

Hell no.

I just had some of the best pizza I've had in ages.

I've just had some awesome wine. Oh yes, I'll be having some more.

I had a job interview today. For an even better job than the one I applied for.

I had a freaking fabulous loss at my Weight Watchers meeting this morning. So good
in fact, my first recipe reward has been earned! Oh ya! Marcy will be sending me a hand written recipe all the way from Germany! How freaking awesome is that?

I've got peeps that support me.

This is my birthday month.

I'm on fire.

I can take it.

Bring it!

Peace be the journey