Tuesday, October 26, 2010


You all know I love my 'notes from the Universe'.

Everyone, Debby, lives the life of their choosing.

Not just what they chose, but what they're choosing.

Game on,
The Universe

Game on indeed.

I am fat because I choose to eat food that isn't wise. My knees hurt because I'm fat because I chose to eat junk. Lots of junk. I intend to start choosing differently. I made me what I am, and I can change me. Oh hell ya!

Today I choose to use my lunch hour to move my bod in the pool.

Today I choose to not eat potato chips.

Today I choose to eat a fruit and a veg.

Today I choose to treat my body better so it will treat me better.

My biggest choice today is to start blogging about once a month. I'm having trouble fitting everything in with a full time job. I'm just not used to it. It's what I have to do for me. I have time to either read blogs or write blogs. I choose read for now.

Peace be the journey



  1. Hang in there. One good choice at a time.


  2. I second Lola's comment- one good choice at a time! :) I look forward to that monthly blog post! xoxo

  3. Working full time does cramp our style, doesn't it?!?!? I will miss your blogs. Keep up the good choices. I, too, have some changes I need to make!!

  4. I totally understand! Keep in touch though! I am so glad you are going back to making the right choices. I am back on WW after my ediets. I just started this past Tuesday, so we will see. So far so good. One day at a time!

  5. Oh Debby I have missed reading your blog.
    So insightful.

    choices indeed.