Monday, October 4, 2010

Work for it

Today, to read my post, you have to go here. I did a guest post for Danica and I'm too lazy to write one for here too!

Not's just that it's gorgeous today and I have stuff to do. Went to coffee hour this morning (no donut for me thank you very much!) and now am off and out!

Peace be the journey



  1. I will head right over.
    it was actually a nice day here... not that i got outside to see it!

  2. Great post girl! Right there with you!

  3. I am right there with you too. I've only recently gotten back on track after a very long pitstop in regressionville. It is tough, this overcoming obesity thing and isn't exactly a one shot deal. It takes work over a great many years to deal with all the crap that got us there in the first place. One step at a time though. If I make one step then I can make another.

  4. laughing at the lazy to read.