Sunday, October 3, 2010

Clutter control

I was reading an article about clutter control for the home. It hit me how much it pertained to weight loss and healthy living.

#1 Have a plan

Seems like an obvious beginning, but how many of us don't really have a set plan? How do we get a plan? Well here's what Clutter Control 101 suggests.

Have a plan
1. What is your biggest problem?
A. Have the tools you need close at hand.
2. Pick a main goal.
A. Get it done.
B. Perfect it later.

OK, so I want to lose weight right?

* What's my biggest problem? Um, I eat too freaking much! So I chose Weight Watchers. You choose whatever works for you. Then we need to work it.

* Have the tools we need close at hand. What are my tools?

When I go shopping, I have a WW points calculator in my purse. Always.

When I'm planning my food for the day, I use the WW online tracker. I have books for back up in case the Internet is down.

I have a restaurant site in the favorites on my phone so if I'm out, and want food, I know how many points it will cost to eat where.

* Pick a main goal

This is important. Really important. So we want to lose weight. Without a main goal, something in cement, I think we're just destined to fail. We're just flopping around like fish on dry land. I think we need both a long term, and a short term goal. When I first began my journey, I knew I had 200+ pounds to lose. It was too much to think of that, so I took it a week at a time. My main goal (which I know now was a mistake), was to get under 200 pounds. I did that. Then I stopped. That was my main goal. I wasn't bright enough to THEN form another main goal. I was lost and I didn't know where to go from there. I went back up. This is why I think we need more than one. Even if you have 300 pounds to lose, your main goal should be your bottom line. Where do you want to be when you're finished? Keep it somewhere in the back of your mind even when working on your short term goals. Don't think of how hard it will be to get there, just think, "yep some day I'm going to weigh 150 pounds".

* Get it done

You've got your goal, your tools, now go to it. Get it done. A day at a time, a step at a time. Be like Nike and just do it. Start your program and go go go.

* Perfect it later

You've started your program, and something isn't quite right. Don't give up. Tweak it a little. Pretty soon it'll be perfect. When it isn't anymore, tweak it again.

We all need a plan. I'm working on mine. Are you working on yours? What have you learned that could help me?

Peace be the journey



  1. I also have close to the same plan. I never go shopping with out my Weight Watcher point counter and I plan every meal. You give me inspiration with all the weight you have loss. Have a great Sunday...