Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do you know how it feels?

To accomplish something?

Can you remember the joy you felt when you set a goal for yourself and reached it?

My friend Heather does. Just read this. Look at this picture.

I'm so proud of her. Not only for her running goal, but her healthy living mojo she passes on to me.

This woman is an inspiration to me. She's reached her weight goal. She's active. I want to be just like her! I woke up this morning fighting with myself to be on program today. Will I? Won't I? Seeing Heather was just what I needed. That and the quote at the bottom of this post that I've adopted as my mantra. It honestly works for me.

A picture is worth a thousand words. I think her picture speaks volumes! Go on, go see it. You know you want to!

I can choose to be a success or I can choose to be a failure. I will be what I choose. I know which I'm choosing today.

Do you?

Peace be the journey



  1. Great post Debby!

    I love Heathers photo- big big kudos to her

    And to you for deciding to 'do it' today!!!


  2. Heather is a great motivator! :) I Hope you have a OP day! :)

  3. I love looking at Heathers photo's and her blog. Thanks,

  4. I happened onto your blog by accident and am glad I did. You have a way with words that has me smiling and agreeing with many of your comments. I am running that track again and praying that I don't drop that $#@&% baton. Thanks for the egg tip and keep looking forward. Some of us are right beside you, in step with you, cheering you on too. Thanks for the reality check.

  5. That was awesome thanks for the link!

    That quote is powerful - I will be what I choose. I think this could be a good mantra to have!