Sunday, February 6, 2011

That's about the size of it

Well, for those of you that email me, no, I'm not dead!

Busy? Hell yes.

I was in a mood. What can I say? Menopause is killing me. Damn near literally. I took one snarky comment to heart and said fuck it all, I'm not blogging anymore.

Now I say fuck it all...if you don't like what I write, don't read it. Don't critique my grammar, I'm not using any. Don't tell me I should write about this or that, it's my blog. I'll write about whatever I want. Don't piss me off or I'll either stab you in the brain, or cry tears all over you. Depending on what kind of day it is, I might pee on you. I'm telling you, menopause is NOT for sissies!


Did I mention my mind wanders these days?

No? Well it does. My friend keeps saying he wants the old Debby back. So do I my friend, so do I.

The other day I sold a dresser. I went to put the $100 bill in my super secret envelope. It wasn't where I hide it. Oh dear Lord where was it? I looked everywhere. I took everything out of my closet & drawers. I looked in all my shoes I looked under the bed. I looked out in the shed. Ya, don't ask. I knew I'd taken it out of it's super secret hiding place to take $150 out for the guy putting in my new high rise toilets. I didn't want to put it back there, cuz maybe he saw me take it out, ya know? Ian found it. In the living room, stuffed into a book. A book that I had no recollection of stuffing anything into, never mind several hundred dollars. I put it in the bank. Shoot I was afraid I'd flush it down the toilet or something!

OFFS, I had NO intention of talking about any of that.

A matter of size.

Trying to get things in order here. Needed to unload a dresser for Ian. Thought I'd separate all the clothes of mine that were in the dresser into sizes and put them in under bed storage according to size.

I've never been one to have this problem. I've heard others talk about having several larger size clothes sets at hand. Not me. Only one. The one I'm in. That was fine until I gained a few pounds last winter. OK, more than a few. Still OK, until I was going on a cruise and had nothing comfortable to wear. So I bought a wardrobe. A bigger one. Retire the smaller one.

That was fine until spring. When it was time to go back to Michigan to get the house ready to sell and work my fat ass off all summer at the restaurant. I didn't have any clothes that were comfortable enough to ride 1500 miles in the truck in. So I bought a new wardrobe. A bigger one. Retire the smaller one.

That was fine until August when it was time to come back to Florida. My new home. The place where my heart, soul, and body belong. I didn't have any clothes that were comfortable enough to ride 1500 miles in the truck in. So I bought a new wardrobe. A bigger one. Retire the smaller one.

That was fine until it wasn' know the drill by now right?

I've never done this. I was actually shocked to put one crate with size 14's under Ian's bed. Followed by another with 16's & 18's. Followed by another with 20's & 22's. Panties ranging in size from 8-12...all under the bed. They're all too small.


Let me say that again.


Yes, I'm wearing a size 24 jeans. Granted, they are too big and I could easily wear a size 22, but for some fucking reason, I don't have any of that size!!!! So, I'm in a size 24.

Fuck me sideways.

I went back to Weight Watchers 3 weeks ago. I did nothing for the first 2 weeks. Then I had a stern talk with myself.

So, I'm back with the program.

Old dog, learning new tricks.

At least when I get too small for the clothes I'm wearing now, I'm covered.


When I get into the smaller ones, the bigger ones are going to charity. I'd like to say for the last time. I believe in my heart for the last time. I can't do this again. I just can't.

I'm back boys and girls.

I've a lot more to say.

Another day.

Peace be the journey.



  1. Debby, i gotta say, i love you!

    I just looked at my weight chart since i started ww (remember, you were the one who told me to join) and i've been slipping for weeks. Down 2, up 3, ya know? I'm now sitting at a figure i last saw at the end of September. I feel ya. Let's all hold hands and skip along singing 'hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go'!


  2. :o) Debbie - it is nice to see you ANGRY. Get Angry and get on it.

    Welcome back.

  3. Yay, Debbie!! Good to have you back. And, you know, we adore you at any size but we want you to be healthy and happy. We would like to keep you around for awhile.

  4. I Love! Love! Love! your blog!!! its refreshing, funny, and so enjoyable. Still Laughing! I recently started a diet program although not WW but just trying to eat different and doing the calories for now.(WW might be in my future plans but for now the calories count.) So now I am trying to get new ideas on recipes and tips. I am scanning bogs to get ideas. Thank you for posting such a wonderful blog. I look forward to reading you posts.

  5. Girl............don't change for anybody!! I love your blog!~ LOVE IT~ Because its honest and true and its totally YOU!! If I don't like something you say....screw me.....But, I will have to say......I have ALWAYS liked what you have to say! We're sisters I tell ya! I am so with you in heart and spirit....because I am where you are...only I haven't been in 14s well, since high school! Anyway, I have kept up the zumba, but havent kept up the diet. So, with your determination in hand, and mine, have hell with all this snow, Monday I am starting back! I need to read your blog more slaps me right in the face and wakes me up and I need that! Keep up the great work! WE need to do this for ourselves!! Love you girl! Don't ever change~! (unless you are going down in sizes of course!! haha)

  6. Debbie,

    It's Stephanie Plum aka Lesa. I've been missing you, girl! Just wanted to say hello:) I'm back up AGAIN with an extended food fest vacation but have been OP since January...for the last time; I hope.
    Take care of you...xo

  7. I realize I am not a model weight watcher. But I don't count the points for wine or avocados. I still lose weight. It's not white wine or avocados that make us fat... it's all the other shit. For me... the Sour Patch Kids... the Cheez Its... the 3rd helping of dinner...

    Also... Every time I eat an avocado or drink a glass of wine and don't count the points, it's like giving "the man" the middle finger just a little bit. And that makes me smile ;-)

  8. I just found your blog...wish you the best of luck getting back...I hear you on so many my late forties now...and losing weight is so hard, but gaining...oh how easy that is!

    anyway, if you need some recipe inspiration with PP values, come and visit my blog.

  9. Funny that. People keep dropping by but no one's home... How's things Debby?

  10. Debby!

    Come back to us! I know you are there

    I hope you had a lovely anniversary last week

    Come tell us about it!


  11. Knock Knock....where are you?? I am normally a lurker but you popped in my thoughts today so I had to stop by to say Hi!! Hope all is well. Brenna