Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Why yes, I do believe

There comes a time in every little girls life when she realizes if she wants something done, she's going to have to do it herself.

OK, so in my case, I realized that years ago.  Today, however, I'm talking about gaining control of my life.  Nobody can do that shit for me.  I'm on my own.

I weighed somewhere in the 170's in 2009.  Today, I don't.

I remember leaving Florida in 2010 so upset at myself as I was back at 207.  Had to buy bigger clothes for the trip back to Michigan.  Oh to be back there again!  I also remember the trip back to Florida in September of 2010.  I had to buy bigger clothes for the trip home.

Fast forward to today, September 4, 2013.  I've had to buy bigger clothes....well let's count, shall we?  I was in my awesome size 16 sparkly bell bottom jeans.  Then I wasn't.  I bought 18's for the trip back to Michigan.

I bought 20's for the trip back home to Florida.

I bought 22's for the next trip.

I bought 24's for the last one.

Sensing a trend here?  I was.  I had enough.

We're on a very strict budget.  Had to give up Weight Watchers.  I'm really on my own now.  I finally decided a week ago that enough was freaking enough.  I hurt like hell, I am so fat nothing fits.  I feel crappy all the time.  I feel like I'm 80.  It's time to roll back the clock boys and girls.  I'm ready to be 55 and feel like 40.  Bring it on.

I'm going the counting calories route.  I signed up for  It's a lovely little site that helps me easily track what I'm eating and how many calories are in it. 

Week one down.  I lost 4.8 pounds.  I'm pleased with that.

I'm more pleased with my activity.  I went from totally sedentary to not so sedentary.  Yay me!

I hurt.  I can't walk.  I can't run.  I can't do anything on the floor as I can't get back up with my knees the way they are.  What?  I live in a park with two swimming pools you say????  Well heck, why don't I just jump in and swim 10 laps?  That felt great.

How bout the next day I go for 20?  That was awesome.

How bout day 3 we try 30?  That wasn't so hard!

Day 5 let's go for 40 shall we?  I didn't drown!!

Tomorrow I'll get up, hit the pool, and do what I can do.  I know it'll be more than it was a week ago and that's OK with me!

I'm ready to feel confident.  I'm ready to feel in control.  I'm ready to feel some bones under this fat!

I'm just ready.

Peace be the journey