Sunday, November 7, 2010

I can do it all by myself!

How often did we hear that when our kids were little. Or, how often are you hearing it now if you haven't got yours all grown up???

I am catching up on emails today and hopefully a few blogs too. My house is going to get some attention and I'm going to put a fabulous meal into the crock pot as I'm picking a friend up from the airport today. I'm also going to pack up everything from yesterdays garage sale. Lots to do. Right now, however, is ME time. I'm loving it. TBM is still at work, the sun is coming in my window (though it's so f'ing cold I can't believe it! Florida should NOT be 45 degrees!!!), it's quiet, and I had about 11 hours of sleep. Life is good.

So, back to the little foot stamping "I can do it all by myself!'

Reading one of my daily health emails, she was talking about diet sabateurs. Friends or family that try to screw up your diet, your healthy plans. Do you have those in your life? I don't. I can do it all by myself with no help from the outside!!!!

I have friends that really want to help. They try everything, but I'm the one to thwart myself. Spoiled brat? You betcha.

My friend Mary K. asked me to help her. I thought that was a euphamism for 'come on you moron, I'll pretend I need help so you'll get your fat ass up and do something healthy for yourself'. Um, no, it didn't. I'm not helping her, but she's out walking almost daily. She really did want my help and I let her down. Some helper I am.

Another friend Marty is always telling me what a role model I am and how I inspire her. So, what do I do? Gain 50 pounds and flounder like a fish on dry land. Some role model I am.

My friend Ian is arriving today for 6 months. He always tries to help. In truth, we can help each other. He doesn't know a lot about healthy eating, but he's a good walker.

I think I'm going to work on the circle of life here. If I help Ian with his diet, he can help me with my walking. If I try try to help MK with what she needs, maybe I'll get back to being a role model for Marty. All three of them can help me so very much.

Maybe it's time to stop being a 2 year old.

Maybe I can't do it all by myself.

Hmmmm what a concept. I do it with the help of others...doesn't mean I didn't do it!

Peace be the journey



  1. This was a good post, maybe I should let my friends help me and return the favor. Have fun with your friend Ian..

  2. Great post Debby! I know the feeling of wanting to do it on your own, but sometimes a friend's help works magic! :) Say HI to Ian for me- have fun! :)

  3. Well, Debby, let me tell you if it wasn't for my friends right now, I would not be enjoying the hell out of this zumba craze! I am so grateful for that. Spoiled brat? I am the world's biggest. I just posted about being frustrated cuz I'm not losing and workout like a fiend.....and I gained. So I am doing a little foot stomping myself. So, I say, WHATEVER IT TAKES....WITH OR WITHOUT HELP, we need to do this!! So, like I am telling myself in the mirror everyday, quit being a brat and quit whining and just do it already!! Love you girl! You are STILL a major inspiration to many, including me, and your stumble right now does not mean you aren't still an inspiring person!!

  4. I don't need any help messing up my healthy eating. I do push away those that try to help. Especially my mother. I see it as her not minding her own business but in actual fact I need that extra help. *sigh*

    I am in no position to help others so no advice from me. just love.

  5. Oh boy, does this sound like me.
    I just want people to leave me alone. Don't encourage me, don't tell me "You can do this."
    Of course I can do this. I've done it before. I know how. I just have to figure out why I don't.
    People have all these expectations... if you tell them you're trying to lose weight, they ask you how you're doing. They offer to exercise with you. They remember what you said to them. They actually have the nerve to hold you accountable.
    That's so inconvenient for me.

    Thank God for people who care about us and want to help even though it goes against our nature to accept that.

    Oh yeah... You can do this!