Sunday, November 14, 2010


Funny a person that writes a blog for the world to read is really very private about some things.

Oh I don't mind telling you about my fat and my sagging skin. I have no aversion to discussing my armpit hair or my twat (I had to put that in as my MIL hates that word and I do try to work it into conversation now and then). Sex doesn't embarass me, and you all fucking know that foul language doesn't upset me. I don't mind telling you about my aches and pains. I do, however, abhor talking about my serious health problems when they arise.

I'm sitting here right now feeling very selfish. I know my friend wants to be with me, to lend me encouragement, but I haven't let her.

I'm having surgery tomorrow. I haven't told many people. I only told my kids yesterday. Shit, I just realized I forgot to tell one of my kids and now he's probably going to be pissed at me too. So, if you're a good friend, or some of my family that I didn't tell, don't be upset.

I don't like to be fussed at. I like to deal with these things all by myself. Internal. It's not that I don't want anyone to know, I just don't like drama. I hate the look of 'oh my God' in their eyes. I hate telling details over and over. Selfish? Yep. So sue me. That's the way I am.

I'm not a worrier. If I die tomorrow, it'll suck ass for sure. Worrying isn't going to change any of that. Am I sitting here drinking wine and eating M & M's out of the bag? You bet your ass I am. If I do kick off, I'd be so fucking pissed off at myself for not indulging! Will I be upset at myself when I wake up from the anesthesia and realize I drank a bottle of wine and ate a pound of peanut M & M's for nothing? Hell no...hello....woke up from the anesthesia! Also, peeps, peanut M & M's are never for nothing!

I wasn't going to mention anything here, but if you never heard from me again you'd wonder why!

So, when I wake up tomorrow, I have no reason not to start exercising and eating right. See, I didn't bother the last month as...well what a waste of time just in case...ya know??? I'll expect no mercy after tomorrow.

Anesthesia makes me puke...that should negate the M & M's right?

Peace be the journey



  1. I love you! You always make me laugh! You are the best! Enjoy your m & ms and your wine, wish I could share it with you!! I'll be praying for you tomorrow and I'll be hoping that someone has the insight to record you while you are coming off the anesthesia, I bet you'll be SOOO funny!!!

  2. Hope the surgery works out o.k!! And that you feel better soon

  3. Awww - I won't fuss, but when you come out of it, you have to post, at least to let us know if you upchucked the M&Ms or not.

    Lots of hugs.

  4. Girl you are just crazy! We are kindred spirits I'm sure! Please do come and let us all know how you are or we will be thinking the worst, NOW THAT YOU BROUGHT IT UP!!!!

    I have a very close friend that I think I offended because when I had my hysterectomy, she wanted to be there and I said no. My mother wasn't even there. Just me and my husband. I do not like drama (my house is the drama-free zone) and I was gonna be doped up and well if you know anything about laprascopic surgery, they pump gas into your stomach....well it's gotta come out some time!! So, I didn't want anyone around, ya know?

    I said all that to tell you I so understand the personal side of serious health issues and your need to close yourself off!

    I'm praying for you........<3 ya!

  5. my hugs and love and prayers and positive energy are with you Pix!

  6. Good luck with the operation sure all will go well and you will not be puking as they should put pain killers and anti puke in your coming around medication....
    Coming out is so much easier than the old the injection you get before you wake up is filled with wonderful things...:)

    My email address for now is

  7. I knew it.

    I knew it I knew it I knew it.

    I've thought about our email exchange a while back 50 times, but wasn't sure if asking questions was butting in or not.

    I'm thinking about you, hell YES on the m and ms, and fellow Wolverine? I love ya. Can't wait to hear how it all goes.

  8. I love you Debby! Your attitude just rocks my socks!!

    I wish you all the very very best for tomorrow, i will be thinking of you and i hope it all goes well. Certainly we can't have you dying on us, we need these blog posts!

    Much love

  9. I hope all's gone well - thinking of you!

  10. Debby, my love, you crack me up. No one says twat any more. It's a lost word. I love it. I love that you sneaked it in there. Seriously missed reading up on you.

    i want wine and m&ms... do I have go under anaesthesia to have them?

    glad you're alive and well. <3