Saturday, July 9, 2011

Follow the yellow brick road

Whoaaaa dude...did I sound just like a munchkin there???? I would so be the one with neon pink hair and pink and white striped socks. I'd be rocking the short skirt and all the other munchkins would be in love with me.

Ahem. No idea where that came from!

Anyhooooo....I'm sure you're all familiar with the story. Four friends taking a hike to find what they want most in the entire world.

Scarecrow wants a brain.

Lion wants courage.

Tin man wants a heart.

Dorothy wants to go home.

They stick together on their arduous journey. Nothing can beat them down because they're a team. Witches? Nope. Living trees? Hell no. Flying monkeys? Bring those evil little critters on. The fab 4 can take them on.

The blog world is like that for me. It's my Oz. Some of you are my wizards. I learn so much from you. Some are my little munchkins. You make me laugh. We might not all be striving for the same thing, but we're all walking down the same yellow brick road to get us where we need to be.

I know I could do it alone, but I don't have to. I have a tough time and I might think of something that one of you said, and all of a sudden, it's a little easier. I talk about you at my WW meetings. You're a part of my life. I get a comment from one of you, and it's like the tin man getting his heart! Someone sends me a text msg saying 'good job', and it's just the same feeling the lion had when the Wiz pinned that badge of courage on him!

One thing I want us all to remember.

When the Fab 4 finally got to meet the great and wise wizard, he showed them they had the power inside themselves to get where they were going, or what they wanted, all the time.

We all have it inside us to reach our goal. We might think we need to search, find the magic potion, but it's within us already.

Follow the yellow brick road.

One brick at a time boys and girls, one brick at a time.

Peace be the journey



  1. Thanks, Debby, I needed that!

  2. Great post! The power we all need is within us and understanding how to channel that is so important!

  3.'re such a good writer!! I always love reading your blog! You are right! The power is within us....and for me, I think that skinny girl that I ate is in there too!!! LOL Thanks for the post!!