Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gettin ready to blow this place!

Almost time to leave on our cruise and I can tell you I'm READY! OK, not physically, but mentally I'm already there.

I was given this lil blog award by everyone's favorite gorgeous girl with a beautiful heart, and I didn't want to ignore it until I got home. Aw shucks...looky how pretty it is! Thank you so much...I'm truly honored.

I don't play by the rules...surprise eh? Just call me a rebel. NO way I'm going to pick only 7 people to pass it on to. I love way too many more than that.

Crap, as you know I'm old and I forget shit. For some reason I thought I was supposed to tell you 7 things about myself instead of 10 things that make me happy. As I've spent 2 days trying to think of 7 freaking things you don't know about me, you're getting that. I'll toss in 10 things that make me happy too as an added bonus. I only came up with 5 things anyway! Here we go.

1. I'm not a patient driver. I yell at people, I flip them off, I make faces. I get so pissed off when people drive slow in the passing lane. HELLOOOOOOOO it's the PASSING lane! I hate when they pull out in front of me and go slow. Could they NOT have waited until I passed and then pulled out? If they're afraid to drive they should stay home. What's with all these assholes that don't use their turn signals? Are they on some sort of top secret mission and we're not in the circle of freakin trust to know what their turning intentions are??? Ya, Zen and the art of peaceful driving is not my motto.

2. My second toe is longer than my big toe. Pokes through all my socks. Damn thing. Can't wear really cute peep toe shoes as I look like some kind of freak as my second toe oozes out through the cute little peeky type opening. Don't even get my started on my narrow heel that prevents wearing awesome heels anymore!

3. I was a thespian in high school and I'm in the drama group here in my park. Secretary if you please! I'm directing one of the plays our theater group in the park does each year. I'm going to look hot in my polka dot dress when they call me out to take a bow! Damn actors and actresses better come through for me!

4. I hate to listen to people eat. I don't like the sound of ppl chewing. Drives me berserk. Really hate when they clink the spoon or fork on their teeth. If you can't fit your cutlery in your mouth without clanking it against your teeth, it's too big people!!! Find something smaller! Also, if you have to slurp your hot liquids...let them cool down! Do you have any idea how irritating it is for the people around you to hear you slurp like a cow trying to pull a stuck foot out of the mud??? Oh yes, lips were made to close down over the food on your eating utensil! Drives me batty to see people slide the food off their forks without using their lips. That's why I'm fat. I'm forced to eat when those around me are eating so I don't have to listen to them chew/slurp/ etc!

5. I like to put butter on my pretzels. Yes, I take a stick of cold butter and run my pretzel through it. I also like to run cheese Doritos's through cream cheese. Wow, why is Debby fat?

10 things that make me happy in no particular order:

1. The sun on my face

2. My grand babies laughs

3. The sound of lapping water

4. Playing Mah Jongg

5. Sheep

6. Glitter


8. Jacuzzi's

9. Crispy bacon

10. Phone calls or text msgs from my boys.

C'est moi



  1. I say this so much.........but we are so much alike it's scary! Have fun on your cruise. I just got back from the mountains and am extremely happy and relaxed! Too bad I have to go back to work tomorrow!

    Gonna miss reading your blog for a few!

  2. #3 i guessed a looong time ago... naughty... oh wait THespian sorry misread that, never mind.

  3. I can see that the people-eating thing really annoys you - - but the way you wrote it was hilarious!

  4. Oh, and the people a pet-peeve of mine! I cannot stand smacking and I have passed that trait onto my children. It's really bad. Oh, and the toe thing..same here! I hate it!