Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is how you diet how you run your life?

So, I'm sitting here quite overwhelmed. Thinking. Yes, I know that can be dangerous.

I'm sure by now you all know we're selling up and moving. Not to the hills, far from it. Florida is where I wanna be. Buttonwood Bay to be exact. I was going to put a link to the park there, but actually the link pretty much sucks. It used to list a VERY impressive list of activities, but that seems to be missing now.

So, anyway, where was I? Oh yes, overwhelmed. See, we've lived in this house for 23 years. Am I sad to be leaving it? Leaving the home my children grew up in? Leaving memories? Hell no. My memories are just that. Memories. Selling a physical house can't take them away. Did we have good times here? You bet your ass. Will selling the house take that away? Nope. Do I have any angst at all about selling my home? Nope, none, nada, zip. Why? It's not my home anymore. Buttonwood Bay is my home now. It's where my heart is. So why am I overwhelmed?

WEREN'T YOU LISTENING????? 23 YEARS PEOPLE...23 YEARS OF SHIT ACCUMULATED IN EVERY ROOM! You do realize we live in a home the freakin Duggar's would want??? No? Oh DO let me elaborate. You can see some of it here. Although, for some reason, she's left rooms out. Go ahead, have a look, I'll wait. OK, back? Good. Yes, you saw right. Six bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a 3 car garage. Oh, and of course, the attached apartment! Don't forget that. So, while working part time (Thank God it's not full time or I'd have a heart attack for sure), I'm trying to go through 11 rooms, 3 bathrooms, 12 closets, 3 bays of a garage, oh yes, and a freakin shed too, and decide what we want to take with us, what we want to sell, what we want to offload on the boys, and what we can give friends. All the while, trying to keep it clean and nice in case someone wants to view it!!!

So, this brings me back to my topic. Bet you thought I forgot eh? Nope, I didn't!

I've realized in my packing/cleaning that I do it willy nilly. Do I go into one room and work in there until it's done? Um no, not so much. Let me give you a glimpse into yesterday.

We had to be at the bank at 9am so came home right after that and had coffee and then got started. Den had to work at 11 and I had the day off. So, I had a whole day to do things and not worry about tiring myself out before work. I stood back to survey my Princessdom and this is what I saw.

My bedroom is quite a little mess as we sold the bed. I've got 2 boxes in there partially packed. Den has hauled everything out of the closet in there as that is his closet. So, the floor and the top of the only dresser and the top of the cedar chest are covered with stuff. The floor needs mopping in there and the windows washed.

The main bathroom is a disgusting pit. The floor is filthy, the shower doors still cloudy after repeated scrubbing. The vent fan is full of dust and the mirrored lights above the huge, oval, (toothpaste splattered) mirrored medicine chest, are filthy. The shower head is catty wampus so it's sending a spray of water all over.

The dining room now holds a 12 foot long industrial buffet table as we sold the dining room table and chairs. That table is covered with 2 HUGE notebooks that I did for two of the boys graduations, all the Cd's from my 300 CD changer, two briefcases that I wanted to sort through, and of course, various other shit. There's also a secretary's desk in there that is packed full. Thank goodness that has a roll top! Oh yes, an oak cabinet holding the rest of my Grandmother's Noritake china. Rest of it you say? Yep, I packed some of it. Did I pack it all? Nope.

Anyway, you get the drift. Every single room needs attention. So, it would make sense to go into one room and just do it. Stay in there until it's finished. Yesterday I went into the bathroom with every intention of completing that. I fixed the shower. Got the ladder, the robo grips, the Teflon tape, and got that all fixed. Did I stay in there and finish? Nope. Went out and took care of the Cd's on the table instead as I want that looking nice. Did I finish that? Nope, went back into the bathroom and vacuumed the vent fan and cleaned the mirrored lights. Did I stay in there and finish that? Nope, went back to the dining room. Took one of those HUGE notebooks and photographed each page and d/l them to my computer to make sure it worked. Yep, it did. Now I can give those books to the boys, but still have them for myself. Did I do the other book? Nope. Went back into the bathroom and scrubbed some more I'm sure you're getting the drift here. I worked all day long and totally finished NOTHING. NOTHING!!!!

So, on to my diet now. I should pick one thing that I'm lacking in, and stick with fixing that until it's fixed and then move on. Yes, I think that's a fabulous idea.

So, today, my goals right out there for all of you to view.

1. Pick one room and 100% complete it. Yes, it is fair to pick a room that I've started in. I need to finish something today before work. I have to. For my sanity.

2. Pick one aspect of my diet and work on that today. Keep working on that one aspect until I get it down pat, then move on.

If I'm not going to jump back on the diet bandwagon full force, I need to at least step up on the freakin step. I'll keep gaining weight if not. Even staying the same would be an improvement right now. Hold my ground, and then start the battle again, one bad habit at a time.

Today, I pick fruit and veg. I've not had either for months. Yes, you heard right. Months.

Today, my friends(especially TJ that is the veggie queen!), I promise to eat 5, yes 5, fruit and veg. No, today, juice doesn't count. I could ease in, but I'm not going to. I'm going to jump in with both feet and commit to that goal.

Hold me to it. I need help. I can't afford to go back to my beloved Weight Watchers, so you guys need to be my support team. Yep, I'm needy. I am an independant woman, but I can't do this alone. I've tried, God knows I've tried. I've failed too. Don't leave me hangin peeps.

Holy shit I feel energized already. I feel like I can do this. Hmmmm someone must be sending me positive vibes already! Keep 'em comin!



  1. I know we all accumulate so much "stuff". I love George Carlin's routine on "stuff". However, if you do without it all the while you are in Florida, you probably don't need it. Get rid of it and cleanse yourself of all the unnecessary "stuff". We are all guilty of it or at least most of us. With working full time and doing whatever else, there are not enough hours in the day to do everything that we would like to and for me that is weeding through "stuff." Having a garage sale next Saturday so I've been trying to get through some of it. Good Luck. Eat your fruit and veggies!!!

  2. Moving has always made me realize what I can "do without". Right now I have a very very small bedroom of stuff that is "stuff I need". That is it has my clothes in it, our tv and video game systems and our two computers are currently set up in my mom's living room. That's it! The rest of it is all packed away indefientally until we find our own place. When I moved to New Mexico originally I was able to fit all of my stuff into one Mercury Sable. The rest of it from my mom's home in IL I had her either give it to family (dishes, pots and pans, etc) or hold onto it until I could get it (some books, some things I just won't part with). Hell I still have shirts from HS I won't get rid of and I haven't worn them since I was 170 pounds if that gives you any idea...anyway...

    Sometimes it's best to weed the things out of your life and just move on. If they've been in that box for 5 years, it's probably not necessary to keep it :) In fact, all those shirts I mentioned from HS? I've since cut the important pieces off (they're from drama, so they're my characters in the plays I was in), and I've got it all in a baggie and that baggie is in a box so that I can take those scraps and find someone willing to make a quilt out of them :)

  3. Moving is crazy! We are hoping to do it soon...yes I said hoping! lol :) Three cheers for veggies! :) WHOOHOOOO! You can do it my friend! :) Be calm, all will work out! :)

  4. Gosh you have a mountain of work lying ahead of you, but it will be worth it in the end as you going to be going to a home where your heart already is.
    Sometimes its good to say goodbye to the old and hallo to the doing just that. I have never lived in a house for 23 years, I get far too bored...LOL..well I get divorced, have break ups, move cities, move countries, so that as well...
    I can collect, I'm a Cancerian and I love collecting. I have things back in CT that I dont want to let go of after not seeing what they are for over 6 years now.
    Good luck....wish I was closer to help you....I know sometimes it all looks too much...and Is!!!!!!!!!

  5. I thought I had it bad moving out of a one room apartment. Jeeez. That would stress me out far too much. So much space to fill with my junk *sigh*

    you can do this. send some of that energy this way missus!

  6. Moving sucks in soo many ways, but I thinking weeding out the "junk" is a plus. Last time we moved, I got rid of so much that when we moved into this house, I felt like a marble rolling around in a shoe box. And it echoed!! Well, as you may know, nature abhors a vacuum, and it over full now too. With inherited furniture and projects that I have simply not had any time to address. You have my sympathy and my support. Go eat an apple!!

  7. Oh, must be terribly overwhelmed. I do that.....which makes me ignore it awhile longer, then I have no choice but to dive in and get all done at the last minute. I don't suggest that approach!! Haha! I so understand where you are coming from.

    I am sending vibes your way already. You can do this. I am doing this again, so let's do it together! I know your life is hectic right now and eating better will help you to face all of that. I'm not saying strict, 100% better. I like your approach. Fruits and veggies all day at a time! You can do this and it will help with your energy to tackle the mountain of tasks set before you! Good luck and may the force be with you!! (not a star wars fan...just love that saying!)