Saturday, June 5, 2010

Not dead


Got home a week ago Tuesday. DIL #2 came Wednesday and son came Thursday. Son and DIL #1 came Friday and left Monday. Worked their asses off while they were here! I've started working at the restaurant also...oh yes and have had the Realtors here checking out our house.

We list tomorrow at noon.

I have been thinking of all of you. I will be back. Things will calm down. After tomorrow I think.

Unpacking, packing, sorting for a garage sale, trying to get things clean and in order...mowing grass that hasn't seen a blade since last fall, weeding, mulching, pruning, cleaning, you name it I'm doing it!

Keep watching.

I'll be back.



  1. Hello Debbie
    Thanks for the quick update, am thinking of you with your move....I got your mail and wow...what a size you have there!!!!!!!
    That must be a handful and a half....LOL.....I would never cope.

    Am busy editing photo's I took at party last night...very hot, which is all good, but have no energy, I cant party till late anymore as the next day I really feel my age!!!

    Good luck and keep smiling as you clean etc.

  2. Keep us updated! Sorry I've lost touch!

  3. Debbie, I was just going to e-mail you and see if you arrived back in MI. Sounds like you are very busy. Keep us posted and let's try to get together this summer.

  4. Thinking about you Debby!!
    Will be hanging around waiting for you to come back!