Thursday, May 27, 2010

The line is drawn in the sand

What line?

The line that I've been on this side of for months and months now. The line behind which I have felt it's OK to overeat. Nay, gorge is a better choice of words.

My fat wobbles when I walk. My cheeks bounce with movement. All 4 of them.

I had to buy bigger clothes.

They don't fit either.

I've never been one to say 'Monday' I'll start a diet.

I thought I'd try something new!

Monday peeps....stay tuned for the plan. Stay patient too. None of this 'oh start right now' crap. I want time to plan, to prepare my mind. Monday it is.



  1. Great to hear Debby
    I feel one has to have that moment when you decided...SO FAR AND NO MORE and then you get going again.
    I had that moment this week after gaining about glad to read you joining me again...we can do this...we can.
    Monday it will be.

  2. *high fives* to getting back on track
    im back on the wagon too :)

  3. I hear ya there. Lucky for me, my move to Arizona this weekend is going to make it easier for me to get out and exercise. My mom's going to be pestering me every day to go walking with her woo! XD

  4. Glad to get you back on board Debby. Have a safe trip back to Michigan!!!!

  5. Girl tomorrow is Monday and you had better step across that line! No more excuses - starting (again) IS the hardest part. I believe you can do it!

  6. Hey its tuesday did you cross that line in the sand?

  7. Its wednesday - Where are you in relation to that line!!!!!!???????

  8. Just dropped in to see how you were.....seems like you are just about like I am at the moment! Hope you get back on track girl. You CAN be the 30 pound girl......You ARE the 30 pound girl! I hope to have some time soon to catch up on more of your posts!