Thursday, May 6, 2010

I have something on my mind

It's not Georgia! It's sure not weight loss. It will be. I'm too fat for most of my clothes so I shall be getting back in the saddle. Right now, it's pretty much the last thing on my mind! Let's shoot for next week OK? Call the stagecoach and ask them to stop by for me then.

OK, so there seems to be a tornado whipping through the Pixiers mind right now. Por quoi you might ask? Probably not...more likely you're saying 'what now?'!

Oh do let me share.

We bought a new home here. Yep, those of you that know I love my life here in my sunny winter home of Buttonwood Bay, will be thrilled for me. Those of you that don't, I'll give you a minute to absorb the enormity of this announcement (Tapping foot, rolling eyes toward ceiling, picking God knows what out of my fingernails). There, got it? Good.

I was going to put a link to the Buttonwood Bay site here for you to click on, but I went there and it's pretty much crap. It used to have a list of all the activities and amenities but I couldn't find it this time and the photo tour was crap. So, let me just tell you a bit about it.

What I do on a weekly basis:
*swim almost daily in one of our two gorgeous pools. OK, so I don't swim, I float on my noodle and chat with a myriad of friendly people. I'm a social butterfly, or a pontificating(I'm really not usually pompous, I just was going for alliteration!) pixie if you wish. Chatting is what I do best.

*I go for daily golf cart rides. Yawn you say? Never. I love riding up and down the streets and looking at all the lovely landscaping people have. Flowers that would fit right in a rain forest, and you never know what people will have in their yards. We have a nature trail and a cart path that I love traveling daily. The cart path goes next to the canal and we always see turtles and gators and birds. The nature trail is shaded and almost prehistoric looking. BIG honking foliage. There is a gator that lives in the swampy area in there too in the summer...he's a big un. I don't drive myself. Either Den or Ian drives me and I feel like a princess. I often just close my eyes and raise my face to the sun and soak up the feeling and scent of what I love best. I'm tearing up just thinking about how much I love my cart rides.

*Monday morning bright and early is coffee hour. Oh yes, we must have coffee and a donut while we find out all the news and what's going on in the park for the coming week. During the winter we have guest speakers that sometimes are full of information, and sometimes a snore. Hey, we get a free donut...snore on! When I'm being good, I take a Fiber One bar to coffee hour. When I'm bad, I'm very bad.

*We have bocce ball, shuffle board, horseshoes and baseball here. We have line dancing, ballroom dancing, clogging, square dancing, and heaven only knows what other kind of dancing as I've never made it to those classes yet!

*We have Tia chi, floor exercises, water aerobics (two classes every day 6 days a week if you please!!!) and a walking club.

*There are golf leagues and bowling leagues, neither of which I do. I adore golf. I suck at it, so I only go with friends. VERY good friends that don't mind when my ball only goes 10 feet. I hit straight as an arrow usually but have no distance. I can usually putt good though! We're golfing today in fact.

*Cards and other activities? You name it, we have it. Full stop. There isn't a card game we don't have here. I play bid euchre Monday night, euchre Tuesday night, hand and foot Wednesday night, bid euchre again Thursday night and bunco on Friday night. Saturday brings game night and Sunday pokeno. So, yes, every single night I do something. What happens if I get sick of those games? Well, as I said they have every other game going on at the same time. I can change to pinochle, or bridge, or or or! Bingo too...Monday and Thursday. I forgot about that. I'm working bingo next season on Thursday night...right now I'm working it Monday night so I miss my cards then.

*We have a theater group which I'm VERY active in. I've got one of the leads in next season's production in fact. I'm also the secretary! Book clubs, computer clubs, craft and knitting clubs. There's a stained glass studio and a woodshop.

*There is Mah Jongg. My all time favorite game to play. Every single Wednesday and Friday afternoon. More if just some of us get together to 'crack the bam dots' as my friend Clair says!

I know there is so much more. What I love most are my friends here. I know I've said it before, but I never thought you could make such good friends this 'late in life'. That's what I get for thinking. The magnitude and depth of the friendships I have formed are just too much to comprehend sometimes. I am so blessed. Let me say that again. I am so blessed.

So, right now, we're living in an under 400 sq foot place. Yes, three of us. Crowded? You bet. Still love it...but I wanted room for my family to come visit. My brother wanted to stop by and spend a few days on his way to FL last season, but it was cold and we had no heat on the porch where he had to stay and it just wasn't possible. Hell, we had no heat in the house either! This house is over 1500 sq ft. We'll have room for friends to visit (right now they can't as we only have 3 chairs and we're in them!). We'll have a table to eat at (again, we don't have room!). I'll have a kitchen I can move in...oh I'm just so excited I can barely breath. We get the new place Wednesday..yes, buying places in here is like buying a car and not a house, so it goes very quickly.

We now need to get everything out of this house and into that one. Must stay in boxes though until we get that one sorted out. did I mention that all the homes here come fully furnished? That means all the cupboards and drawers will be full. Oh yes, you never know what you will find. When we bought this house there was food in the cupboard and things in the fridge too! We then need to clean this one spic and span as it's on the market. Bring some of the furniture from over there to furnish this one (fully furnished remember?), and then close this up for the summer. We've only got 2 weeks!!! Did I mention that? Oh yes, move from one house into the other and get both ready to shut up for the summer? I'm pulling my hair out thinking of the enormity of this situation!

We'll get home to Michigan and oh yes, put that house up for sale and move everything from there here. Holy shit. I think I may have a stroke thinking about that!

We have to continue to pay rent on this place until it sells. I'm a bit concerned about that.

So, now do you see why I'm not thinking about the diet right now????

Well, Papa just got back from the store with a shitload of boxes. Guess it's time to start packing! I know this was long...but had to let my peeps know what's going on in my life. Pics to follow! This darn post got too long for pics!



  1. Congrats on your new home! :) Wished it worked that fast over here! We've bid on a few homes over the past few months and never even hear back :( Not cool!
    I love all of the activities you have to do! Plus it's RIGHT THERE! So cool! If I lived there with ya I'd join ya in the pool with a noodle or two for my water exercises! :) hehe

    Relax, don't stress- moving is not super fun, but getting stuff over to your new home is exciting! :)

  2. I need to come back to read this...its long and needs off to teach my class now
    My world feels like it came crashing in around me today...cant blog about so down, I will email you when I get time as I need to share...

  3. Kathy, how do you know Marcelle is down if you can't read her blog?

    Also, why not give a real email address if you want someone to email you?

  4. Debby it sounds like you are having so much fun!!

    Have I ever asked you what style of mahjong you play?

  5. Debby I am back....

    I see Kathy's message and take it her email address is that makes no sense to me...what is shrr??

    I think Kathy new i was down as I left a message to you before her comment saying I was down...and I am!!!!

    I'm so happy you bought the house of your dreams, nothing better than living where you are happy...I love it where I am living but only NOW, hated it when I first moved here...

    Today I have eaten everything in sight, but tomorrow I will get back on must you!!

  6. shrr is my employer: Smith Haughey Rice & Roegee law firm. That is my work email address. I was following Marcelle's blog and now I can't get into it as it says it is private. I read her previous post to you up above and it says she is down. I haven't been able to get into her blog since she a few days after she came back from her vacation. Help please!!!