Saturday, May 15, 2010

Welcome to my whirlwind

OK, so been just a bit busy here.

Have I mentioned we got a new home here? Probably, but just in case. Here's what we've been doing.

We got the keys to our new home a week ago Friday. We moved boxes of things in between Den going to work and sleeping to go to work. He'd sleep, I'd bring boxes over.

Monday, before he went to work at 3, friends helped us bring our bed over and our chairs. While Den was at work I got the bedroom ready and we slept here for the first time. That night, after I was finished working for the day, I sat in my recliner and experienced pure peace and joy. It's just awesome here. Oh it needs work, but I love it.

So, still unpacking, of course. Getting the other house ready to sell and shut up for the summer. Been working our asses off!

Had a pot luck last night and a pool party today and guests over for cake and coffee this evening.

My son came on Tuesday and helped bring things over all day long. If it was heavy, he hefted it! We had friends over that night for our first official dinner in the new place. Awesome.

I've been going non stop from the time I get up until the time I go to bed.

Three little letters I thought I'd never type again... TOM. OMG, let us just sit here and ponder the implications of this shall we? I took my last birth control pill last June. Nothing since. When I had my yearly in August, doc ran blood tests. She figured I'd gone through menopause and didn't know it being on the pill and all. Tests came back post menopausal. That's it. Done with. Finis. Or so I thought. Holy crap does the magnitude of this even penetrate? I'm not a happy Pooh for sure!

I've not read any blogs....I miss that!

I haven't seen my favorite TV shows. I miss that too.

I've got a beautiful new home and have taken care of tons of more week and we head back to MI! Hate to leave my new home, but when we come back, THIS will BE our new home. Not going back to MI next summer. Hope the house sells quickly!!!

Tomorrow is Sunday. We deserve a day of rest. Swimming pool here we come!



  1. TOM!!! That bastard shows up anywhere he can these days huh? lol

    Enjoy your new house!!! :)

    Wish I could join ya in the pool! :) HAVE FUN!

  2. I haven't had TOM visit me for over 8 months as well now...if he showed up at my door I would be as shocked!!!

    Am so happy to read you are loving your new home, its what you wanted I know this - your dream come true...
    Now time to sell the other one so you can really relax and enjoy the new!

    Take your time, we all here, nothing much changes so not like you missing out on much.

    BTW, I go into hospital on Wed till Sat this week, will blog from hospital daily but won't be sending out letters of update as cant access my t-online email address from my 3G card.

  3. Isn't this a fun time of life ??? Mine keep giving indications that they are going to be finally done, and then like a thief in the night or bad guest they show up. 6 months apart, 3 months apart, two weeks apart, 9 months is more accurate spinning a roulette wheel than using a calendar. You made it 11 months- one month shy of the coveted prize "officially postmenopausal". Sadly, ,in some women weight loss can have this "youthful" affect, and so can eating a lot of soy, drinking tea with red clover, alfalfa or some other herbs. Meat and dairy can also do this if your body is very sensitive to estrogen. And then again, it could be a warning sign that something else is happening. If all feels normal to you as far as TOM, it may just be a fluke or the affects of some dietary things. If you have the slightest doubt, check with your gyno. An infection is one possibility. And congrats on your new home ! Always exciting, but moving can be a real pain !

  4. I went a year without TOM and then a little. However, I later learned that this can be "break through bleeding". However, it's been couple years now. I would just keep track and maybe check back with the doctor because it could mean other problems.