Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The scale is broken!

Just when I balled up enough to get on the damn's broken!

Yesterday morning found me naked, in my bathroom, tappy tappy, jump 00.0 and didn't change! Did it 4 times. Finally noticed a broken wire on the rear right 'leg'. I'm going to borrow a precision screwdriver set today and take it apart and see if I can fix it. Ya, I'm actually handy like that!

If not, it will be next Wednesday morning in Michigan before I can weigh myself. There is a big scale at Publix, but they get upset when I shuck all my clothes off and hop on. Go figure.

It is in my mind though...that's a good thing right?

I'm eating regular meals, haven't snacked hardly at all.

Ice cream did fall into my shopping cart at Sweet Bay the other day though....damn I hate when that happens. I's like a kamikaze leap from the freezer to my cart! It's still unopened in my freezer....another good thing.

We leave here Sunday for our trip back to MI. Going 500 miles the first day, 500 the second, and 350 the last.

The thought of what I have to do this summer in MI is overwhelming. Takes my breath away actually...all while working full time! I tell myself to breathe...take it one room at a garden outside at a time....and use the hell out of my son when I can bribe him to come to the lake! Hey, I took care of him for 18 years....his turn now!

Just checking in. Love, love, love, love, love, my new home here. Oh!!! Did I mention I love my new home here????

Over and out.



  1. LOL...u gave me a giggle and I'm not feeling very happy today, so thanks for that..
    I could see you throwing all your clothing on that scale and standing NAKED for everyone to see.
    Am impressed you can fix your broken scale, I would go out and buy a new lazy I know.

    Enjoy your time away and stay safe as you doing lots of driving..
    Yes I heard you loving your new house ;)

  2. I am handy like that too. At least one of the people in a relationship need to be. lol

    Wonder why they make a fuss when you shed your clothing over at Publix? humm lol

    Yes we know you luv your new house...I am so happy for you. :)

  3. You always make me smile! Plus I love being your FB friend. You seriously crack me up by some of your comments. So glad you love your new place.

    The scale thing made me laugh! Tell Publix to bite you. It's a free country....if you want to shed your clothes, so be it!

  4. Well, gol darn it anyway. But at least you thought about getting on the scale. I buy the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches instead of the regular ice cream. It fills the void!! What do you mean going home and "working full time". Are you selling your trailer now. Hope we can get together this summer!

  5. If you lived nearer I would send Gareth over every time some ice-cream or similar fell into your trolley. You'd thank me in the end. Honest. Do you like your new home, by the way?