Sunday, May 9, 2010

No time like the present!

So, I got up at 4:30 this morning. WHO does that????

Not like I don't have anything on my mind or anything! Couple of houses and a 5th wheel and truck that HAVE to sell....nevermind...what's on my mind doesn't pertain really to this blog.

I gathered up all my magazines last week and stacked them on the table to sort them into date order. I'm a bit behind on reading them. I probably have at least 150 to read! Yes, my name is Debby and I have an addiction to magazines. Some go back a few years...I'd get them and there they sit. I love to read magazines, I just never do.

So, I was sitting here drinking my coffee and reading a magazine(yay!) this morn...after weighing myself and finding myself UP again. Yes, 228 this morning. What the hell kind of idiot am I? Ah well...a good one I guess! I was reading "Shape" magazine....lots of tips for eating and exercise. Ya, if I'm not going to DO it I might as well read about it eh?

Of course it talked about tracking and planning and and and. I know the drill. I've been there and done that, just like a lot of you. So, what the hell am I waiting for??? Not a damn thing.

I decided that I can track without changing one little thing. I don't have to quit eating the 58 cookies, I just have to write it down when I do it. Ya, I can do that. So, I got out the WW tracker book as that would be perfect...little lines and everything you know?

I was holding that little book and of course there are boxes for fruit/veg, milk, oil, water, etc....hmmmmmm maybe I could plan my food ahead, and TRY to get that stuff in? Why not...I mean it doesn't mean I have to give anything up, if anything, it's adding things. Adding is good.

My great friend Ian, at risk of life and limb, made a suggestion to me the other day. It might surprise you to find I do NOT take criticism well. I don't take it at all in fact. I get all embarrassed and pissed off at the same time. THAT pisses me off as we should all be able to take constructive criticism for goodness sakes! I usually consider myself far above the hander outer of the criticism also. If you're going to give me diet tips, pffft I know more than you. If you want to talk to me about cooking, stuff it, I definitely know more than you. How to play a game? Hell I wrote the rules...catching the drift here? I'm a stubborn old bitch plain and simple. I don't mind suggestions when they come in conversation...just hate when someone says YOU NEED TO DO THIS! Most of the time I know I should be doing THIS, I just f'ing don't want to! Crap, I digressed....AGAIN!

So, Ian says....'maybe you should plan times to eat'. Sounds simple eh? Now, Ian lives here 6 months of the year. He sees exactly how I eat, what I eat, and also, what I don't eat. He knows that I love my life of doing things spur of the moment. Want to play golf? Sure, let's go. Oh, shall we go to the pool? Why, of course we shall! It's an awesome life, it really is. It's hell on my diet. Ian sees that. I'll sit here and play on the laptop and drink coffee for 2-3 hours in the morning and then it's ohhhhhh gotta get to Mah Jongg at 12:15....haven't had breakfast...shit. I'll just grab 3 cookies and a hunk of cheese and eat it on the golf cart. Get home from MJ at 3:30...freaking starving but it's too close to dinner to eat a lunch. I'll just have this bag of chips and a few more cookies...oh wouldn't a bowl of ice cream be nice as it's hot outside??? This fills me up for an hour or so...but damn, I have to be to cards at time to fix & eat dinner now. Get home from cards around 8:30 and I want to eat the paneling. Don't want to cook now of course, it's too late. I'll start with a bowl of cereal and that of course doesn't cut it...then just slowly move on to whatever is at hand. Yes, Ian sees, and he had a solution. Plan times to eat.

If I plan my day around what I like to do, how hard could it be to plan times to eat also. If I KNOW I'm going to go to Mah Jongg at 12:15, then I NEED to eat lunch by 11:30. Simple? Sure. If I NEED to eat lunch at 11:30, then I should have breakfast before that. Wow, what a concept!!! I think he's on to something!!! I could actually do this...yes, I could.

So, today, no time like the present you know, I have decided to take the bull by the horns. No, Ian is safe, I'm the bull. Bull headed and stubborn and that has to change.

I worked all day yesterday in the new house. I prepared my first meal there, and ate it. It even had a veg in it! I'm going to have a plan for today as it's working over there again...all day, all by myself. This is Den's long work day. He gets home at 8am and goes right to bed as he has to be back to work at 3pm. So, I'm on my own today.

I got up at 4:30 and by 6 I had a plan. I'm going to do it today. I'm not thinking about tomorrow until tomorrow. Today I can do this.

Breakfast 6:30am. Hard boiled egg, whole wheat toast, apple. I had it. I don't like apples. I ate it anyway. I can't get fruit and veg in unless I actually eat it. Doh.

Mass...we leave at 9am. My excellent friend Mary K. and I go together each Sunday. I love this time with her. It's nice to be able to share your faith with someone. She keeps me grounded. She also has some great ideas. We're going to the store after Mass so we won't get home until about 11:30....that egg and toast isn't going to keep me satisfied from 6:30 until noon when I've planned I planned to have a yogurt and almonds at off the tank, you know? So, here's my plan for today. I'll let you know how it worked out for me.

6:30 breakfast of toast, egg, apple. Done.
8:30 yogurt and almonds
9am, leave for mass
11:30 return from Mass
12:00 eat lunch. Salad with chicken breast, dried cherries, lettuce, red peppers, cukes, carrots, almonds, and some kind of red, low fat dressing I'll get at the store.
1:00 start working at the house
4:00 grapes
6:45 quit working!!
7:00 hamburger pot pie, cottage cheese, cucumbers and onions in vinegar.
8:00 watch Amazing Race.
9:00 whole wheat toast, peanut butter, milk.

That's my plan for today and I'm sticking with it.



  1. For me, planning really helps ! I know what to defrost and when and if I start feeling nibbly I am able to hod out because I know __ is schedule's for__ and I can definately hold out. Problem comes when spontaneous things happen that throw off the plan.

  2. You have my cracking up reading this entry of yours...LOL....You know I love you cause you the crazy you that you are!!!

    I am mad about magazines as well...I do read them but I cant throw them away so have them all over the place.
    I keep telling hubby when I'm away on holiday to dump the lot as I cant watch and I can't do.

    I'm tracking and going WAY over what I'm allowed to eat, but tracking and gaining...
    Dam this is getting harder and harder....

    Good luck today and make Ian proud...hehe

  3. Planning is definitely what keeps me on track!
    It's funny how others see what we need to see first.

  4. Normally I'd never suggest people eat on a time basis but as you explained, and as I've seen when with you, you need some sort of meal order in your life or every day becomes a cookie and chips day.
    I know it'll be very hard but treat these 'set' meal times like you do your game times in that they need to be worked round - see how it goes for a week and hopefully the pattern will be easier to stick to.
    Fingers crossed.

  5. OMG!! I completely relate to the magazines. I have them all over and I cannot throw them away. I have that addiction also. Even if I have read them I can't remember I read them!!! We've even moved and packed magazines. My friends really get on me about tht one. I also love the "Shape" magazine. Got a free subscription. Do I do any of the exercises, hell no, but I like to read about them. Glad to know I am not alone in this addiction!!!!