Friday, December 12, 2008

My story

Welcome to the magical story of how to de-puff a Pixie. OK, so it's not magical, and I'm not sure how it ends yet, but welcome, never the less!

This was me circa 1988ish. I couldn't buy clothes in the store, I had to make my own. Now, of course, they sell sizes that would cover a Volkswagen. Not so in 'the olden days'.

I began Weight Watchers for the first time in 1978 prior to my wedding. It, of course, didn't work. I didn't let it. I had more important things on my mind. Getting married, procreating, enjoying life. Been there, done that, next! I think I was the doctor's first 350 pound pregnant woman. I couldn't even be weighed on the scales in the office....they only went to 300 pounds. I've just realized that I've blogged a bit on my other blog about my WW journey, so I'll just put links to those here for you to click on to read. Much easier than typing it all again! Just click on the light pink, underlined text and hopefully it'll pop up.

This was the first, yes, the very first time I EVER fought temptation. It meant a lot to me for sure.

There might be more that I'll find and add later.

This picture was taken at church. It's the one that I cut myself out of for the picture you saw above. It's important for me to share the whole picture though. When it arrived and I saw it (that was before the digital days you know!), I was mortified. I took up almost half the picture! My husband, not a small man, seemed dwarfed by me. I cried. This picture was never put out for people to see. I was just too embarrassed.

It's out on my wall now. This past summer my boys were all back in Michigan and we had a family picture taken for the first time since this infamous one above. I had the photographer pose us in the exact same pose. I had both framed together and they're proudly on my wall now. I think you can see why!

There is a lot more I want to share about my journey, and my day to day struggles. This is a good start though I think!


  1. You look fabulous!!

  2. Oh Debby! I LOVE these pictures! I love that you had the photographer pose all of you the same way! Thank you so much for the link to this post- I appreciate it!! :) You have come a long way and are a HUGE inspiration to me! :)

  3. Hello!
    I just found your blog and am sitting here reading it with my mom. We are both starting our WW journey, (for the second time) and your story and pictures are so inspiring! Congratulations on how far you've come!
    -Abby and Karen

  4. You even wore red too! One day I'll post my awful family portrait for you to see. It's very similiar, only I'm in white! I don't know what I was thinking. . .

    You have done amazing!