Sunday, December 28, 2008


As it's nearing the new year, a lot of our thoughts shift to resolutions. Some people pooh pooh them, I like them. So what if you don't keep them? To me, making them gives you a goal. Gives you something to strive for. I like that idea.

My resolution, or goal if you please, for my Weight Watcher self is to lose something in 2009. Not too difficult you'd think. I've kept a spread sheet for the last several years and every year I've lost some weight. One year it was 2 pounds, but it was something. 2008 brought me a gain. I don't like looking at that on my spread sheet. It wasn't just a pound or two either. Oh no, it was 20+ pounds!

This summer when I got home from FL I was in a size 14 jeans. Comfortably. I started working at Buccilli's and was thrilled to fit nicely into the uniform tee shirt. That would never have happened in the past. Yes, it was an XL, but it fit. I loved wearing it in fact. As the summer wore on I had to store the size 14's and get out the 16's. No biggie...they were more comfortable to wear to work anyway. As the summer drew to a close and we were getting ready for FL I noticed the size 16's were getting too tight. I realized that I couldn't sit for 24 hours in the truck for the trip down here in them. I had to go out and buy a size 18. I did NOT like that! I vowed as soon as I got here to begin WW and throw those size 18's out and get back into the 14's. Oh I wish that were so!

The size 18's are tight now. I will NOT buy 20's. Not now, not ever, ever, ever again.

Another goal for 2009 is to get back into my size 14's. I've got a brand new pair of bell bottoms with embroidered butterflies on them and a pink hoodie top...can't get into them. My goal is to get into them ASAP. I shall post a picture here when I do.

When I first started coming to FL I thought it would be easy to lose weight here. Geez it's summer year round. I can bike, walk, swim, you name it I can do it. We have exercise classes and a gym and everything. What's the problem? I like to eat! Friends say c'mon on over and have some wine. Hell yes I'll be there!!! Others say 'oh I made this, have a taste'. Oh ya...I'll have 2!!! I play cards every night. Have to be there before 6PM so dinner is after 8:30 for me usually. Heaven forbid I'd eat at 5PM! I run around and visit and do stuff all day and then don't want to fix dinner. Oh it's so easy to go out here. We have such a big array of restaurants and I love them all! So, no, it's not easy to lose weight in FL! I can do it though.

I shall start eating my dinner at 5PM and planning a healthy snack for afterwards.

I love to go out to dinner and I won't stop that. I can learn to eat healthy at even my favorite places.

I can exercise. No, wait, I WILL exercise!

I've got an expensive bike, I've got walking shoes. I've got a bathing suit. I shall use them!

2008 was my year to reach my Weight Watcher goal finally. I didn't do that. I learned stuff though.

Bring on 2009. I'm ready for it.

January 2nd though. Everyone knows you can't start a diet on the 1st!!!

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