Friday, December 18, 2009

I'm carrying 32 extra pounds

It's my grandson Mason!!

This trip has so far exceeded my expectations it's just awesome! How often does that happen? It seems that we get excited about something and plan and look forward to it, that when the event finally happens, it's a let down. Not this time! My trip to Michigan to see my grand babies has been so much better than I could have dreamed! Mason has been giving me kisses and hugs and sitting with me and best of all calling me Gramma! I haven't even seen the other two yet! That's still to come. I'm flying high for sure!

My daughter in law saved a book for me to read that I'm loving also. It's called 'Finally Thin' and so far it's excellent. I'll give you the full review when I'm finished. Said daughter in law just finished college yesterday after taking her final, final exam! Yay she's got a degree! Not only that, she went for an interview yesterday morning and got a job last night! How awesome is that?

Sighhhhhh we're getting ready to go to lunch right now and Tara is getting Mason dressed and I can hear him talking. He's saying 'Gramma!'. Life is so good. So very, very good.

Thanks to Ian for taking this awesome picture(and about 1000 more too!), we bid you adieu!



  1. :) Awww What a cute picture!! I love it! Enjoy your trip Debby!!! :)

  2. He is a cute! And you sound so happy. Enjoy the rest of your trip. :)
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  3. My heart sings with joy for you and sadness for me...I so wish I was like you now enjoying the little people that we so love...but hey, my time will come again, its your time now so enjoy and make the most of every special second you have together as it goes by far too quickly...xx

  4. Love it! Happy to hear that you're so so so happy!

  5. Wow, a final exam, a degree, and a new job all in the same week! Well done to your daughter-in-law!