Saturday, September 11, 2010

A bit of this and that

Catching up on some blogs tonight. Kind of behind. OK, way behind! A lot make me think and I like that.

Fat Daddy talked about an on/off switch and finding his volume knob. Man oh man do I need to do that. My f'ing switch is taped in the 'on' position right now. So I did a drastic thing because of FD...I shot an email off to a friend of mine that swims every day. An hour. She hangs with another friend that broke her wrist and needs surgery so won't be able to swim. I shot an email saying I'd be her swim buddy. Can't take it back now....the send button has been hit. TY FD. Actually just got a reply from her...this is it. "Sounds great to me!!! Monday, Tuesday, Thursday--11:00 till 12:30 or so. Sat. and Sun. 10:00. None on Wednesday and Friday. I'll be there in the morning at 10:00!!!" Guess I've got plans tomorrow morning at 10!

Reading Pounds Off review a book just now, the author talked about going to a Chinese restaurant after a several month leave of absence. He was greeted warmly...they thought he'd moved. We returned back to our Florida home the end of August after making the trek to MI mid May. The owner came running up to me and hugged me! Holy shit I just can't think that's a good thing! I might have learned something about myself right there.

Ms. Sheryl has made lifetime at her Weight Watchers meeting. She's filling out the papers to become a WW leader. That used to be a goal of mine. Perhaps I need to start thinking like that again? Ms. Bitch motivates me a lot and she's just a little bit hot too! OK, so that was my inner lesbian typing there...sometimes I can't shut that tramp up!

Shoot, I probably shouldn't have started this as then if I don't mention someone I read constantly they might get their feelings hurt. I'm stopping now leaving out a few of you that KNOW FOR A FACT I love and read you and learn shit from you every time!

My point is, we all help each other here. My on switch might have a short, but I'm still reading, I'm still learning, I'm still getting motivated...albeit slowly...but motivated none the less!

Y'all mean the world to me. In fact, I shall name all of you as you deserve it! NO particular order either!!! If you're on this list, I read every one of your blogs. Yes, I get behind but I do catch up. If you're not on this list send me a shout out so you can be! Now, these are just my weight loss don't get your panties in a bunch if you're not on this list!

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Peace be the journey



  1. Debby - you are fabulous! This blogging world is such a great support system!

  2. You are right on, sister. We just simply couldn't do it without each other. Makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for having me on the list :-) A true, true honor, Deb! You should DEFINITELY put being a WW leader back on the table to consider. You'd be FANTASTIC! You already are. LOVE THE SWIM BUDDY ROUTINE. Made my butt pucker a little. Me thinks me might have to do the same. Oh, beans! Now look what you did! ;-) All my love to you! Becky

  3. thanks for the shout out AND THAT is awesome you are gunna go swim. People get down on swimming because it often makes them hungry... me too but I just plan on a lean protein or skim dairy after to refuel until the next meal.

  4. You such a honey bunny thanks for the mention :)

  5. Hells yeah. The baby right here.

    I am very thankful to have found your blog :P and now you're on twitter.LOVE IT.

    That F.D post was a good one.

    I learn alot from you awesome bloggers!

  6. Awwwww, I feel so special ~ Thanks for the link love. I do read yours as well, but, am currently forever behind in my blog reading post vacation :)

    I think you are AWESOME, inspirational and I LOVE that you are going to swim ~ you can do it! I think that is the one thing I miss the most since we brought out gym to our house.

  7. Trying to catch back up. Been out of the loop for I am catching up on your blog!! I've really missed reading it!