Sunday, September 26, 2010

Thief in the afternoon

Can't call me a thief in the night! Ha!

I'm stealing this blog writers idea. Tara seems to be struggling as much as I am and I like her goal idea.

Three goals for the coming week. Shouldn't be that hard. Of course, if it was easy we'd all be frigging thin and healthy!

I'm following the Weight Watcher program as most of you know. So, the points will get counted of course and that should keep me in the 'losing weight' zone. A calorie isn't a calorie when it comes to how healthy it is for our body though.

As you also know I'm coming off a looooooooooooooooooooooong binge. My body is used to eating every chip, chocolate, greasy, buttery, creamy thing around. This week is going to be difficult to say the least.

My 3 goals are as follows. Drum roll please. Screw the drum roll...give me sexy guys dancing with tear away pants..ya ya and as soon as the last thread goes riiiiiiiiiiiip I'll give my goals. OK, since that didn't happen, without further ado, here they are.

1. Eat some kind of frigging vegetable & fruit every day for a week. Yes, I know I'm supposed to have 3-5. Cut me some slack. I promise not to count wine or ketchup as fruit, or potato chips as a veg.

2. Move my fat ass twice. Twice you say? You say I should be moving my ass 5 times? Don't forget this 'week' is only Tue-Fri. So, twice it is. My blog. I win!

3. Drink 4 cups of plain water EVERY day. No, it won't be easy for me. Do it I shall.

If Tara can do it, I can do it. WE can do it together!

Peace be the journey



  1. you can do steps are better than no steps, or backward steps!! go for it miss pixie!

  2. cool, weekly goals!! I like that seeing is how I am on vacation this week, I am going to need a focus

  3. Aww man, ketchup isn't a veggie? Crap I need to rethink...

    lol I know how you feel, I've been swamped with this new job of mine and I'm lucky enough that I've maintained this month. Happy no, but happier than gaining that's for dang sure!

    Good luck on the water intake. I'm lucky enough at work to have unlimited access to a water cooler and a bottle to put it in. You can't imagine the water I've sucked down the past 3 weeks, provided I'm in my office of course, which has been a hit or miss. I digress...

    GOOD LUCK! :)