Thursday, September 2, 2010

Running the maze

Mornin peeps!

Settling in here...OK, so we're here, not settled! Boxes everywhere, it's a maze getting through them. Lovin' it though.

I took a look at my Google reader this morning and had 211 unread. Beginning to remedy that situation. Like an alcoholic that looks for courage from the bottle, I'm looking for motivation from the blogs.

As I wended my way through the living room with my coffee cup, I had to turn sideways to get through one stack of boxes and a chair. As I turned, my ass fat kept moving. Oh ya, time to get back on program peeps!

Brought up the Weight Watcher site and have chosen to attend the Lake Placid meetings. Tuesday morning at 9am will find me all paying attention and shit.

I'm pumped peeps! OK, I'm not, but I will be!

Peace be the journey



  1. Oh dont try catch up as its old news now...carry on from now when you able to...and take your time to settle back in, you have made such a major move....take good care of YOU...

  2. Good for you getting back to the meetings! You rock! :)

  3. great job looking up local meetings! :) you can do this Pixie! :)

  4. Ass fat inertia! That's a new concept for me. But very visual. I'm glad you are at least moved in if not settled. And ready to get back on plan. I need to join you.