Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reward me?


Lots of you guys use them. You tell yourself that if you lose 5 pounds, you'll go get a pedicure. Get your nails done, buy that new purse you want, get a lipstick, a CD, etc. It's never really worked for me. I mean in the end, I still have to go buy it for myself and I could have done that if I lost the 5 pounds or not.

The topic at my WW meeting this week was about asking for help. I thought I had no problem with that. Some people said it scared them to ask for help. I didn't understand. I do now. Right now my heart is beating, I'm scared of rejection. I want to ask you to help me, but I'm afraid you'll laugh at me. Or worse yet, do nothing. So, I'm really putting myself out there right now asking for help and support.

I was reading Becky's blog this morning and of course I didn't have any reward ideas for her. I did want her to know I'd read it, so was commenting when I read someones idea of a reward. That someone makes homemade soap and she offered to send Becky a bar when she lost X amount of pounds. Now THAT would have motivated me. Something someone else would do for you. Awesome.

So, as I'm a greedy bitch and not above begging, I'm asking you guys to reward me.

Know what I love? Other than food of course? Recipes. I collect cook books. I can sit and look at the pictures and read them for hours. What I really love are hand written recipes. I have a notebook with page protectors that I slip hand written recipes in. I've got some from my mom and grandma and my friends. I just love looking at them, knowing they wrote it. It binds me to them. It makes me happy to open that book.

So, I know (OK, so I'm really hoping and praying more than knowing!) someone out there has to love me enough to write me a recipe if I lose 5 pounds. A healthy one of course. Oh you know, maybe one for some famous soup? Some mini muffin meatloaves, anything at all that has helped you on your journey. You don't cook? How about a motivational note? A funny? Hell, I'll even send you the stamp to send it to me! No typing now, that's not fair. Also have to put your name on it, or your blog name. Oh ya, even when I'm begging there are rules!

Wow, I'm afraid to hit 'publish post'. This is definitely new territory for me! I love my WW leader Madge though, and I'm going to trust her advice is solid.

Peace be the journey



  1. DEAL! I love a reward system....mine included lots of Apple electronic items. lol Most of my favorite recipes I have on my recipe TAB so when you hit the 5 pound loss mark I plan on sending you something else. :) xoxo

  2. I did this last yr. I had family and friends sign up for pounds i lost. they got to pick what they wanted to do either for me or for themselves if i reach their 'GOAL WEIGHT'

    I will walk 5 miles if you lose 3 lbs. :)

  3. Okay I am in...but you have to lose it before I go to South African on the 25 October or else wont be able to reward you till Feb next get a move on and lose those darn 5 pounds!!!!!

  4. In case you didn't see my response to you on my blog, here it is:

    "Deb - Consider it done, then. You name your next milestone and I will gift YOU a necklace. Just let me know any specific preferences (gold, silver, etc.) and when you hit the mark, I'm your girl! By the way, I don't know Mary. Just found her blog recently. This is sheer Divine Abundance and Love from an awesome lady here in the blogosphere. God bless her! And God bless you, too, sister! You inspire me all the time!"


    Becky from

  5. PS: I'll be sure to throw in a recipe, too! xo

  6. Girl, I have an awesome 2 pt Banana Nut bread recipe that has your name on it. Let me know when you hit that goal

  7. Ohhhhhhhhh 4 recipes so far...that'll take me to 20 pounds. I've got 50 to lose in the first flight...c'mon ppl....need more of you!

  8. I'm in as well. I have tons of recipes that I could send and will throw in a surprise as well. Let me know when I'm up! :-)

  9. I'm in! Post when you've lost the amount that you want to get a recepie and I'll so send you some of my great recepies! I may suck at cooking from time to time but I have some great staples that I'm good at cooking that's just awesome :) That and I'll need your address if you want it hand written ^.^

  10. I'm with you here,I will send you a motivational note and a recipe!Keep on ...:)