Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday favorites

Hi everyone!

My gal TJ had this awesome idea and invited us to play along. Always a team player, I accepted!

I'm going to do a Vlog about these soon. As soon as I figure out how!

Oat cakes. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

I learned a while ago that even if I'm just tossing things in a pot, write down what's going in. Too many times I get done and it's just awesome and I have NO idea what, or how much of anything actually went in! I'm so glad the day I tried these I wrote it down exactly.

I use my Magic Bullet a lot. It sounds hokey, but it's really a fantastic little gadget. You'll see when I do my vlog!

So, without further ado.

Oat cakes- 1 large serving

I put all the dry ingredients in the MB and let it all commingle while the oats are becoming flour. I then add all the wet to the dry and pulse some more. In fact, I do up the dry portion in batches and keep 3 on hand in small Tupperware containers so all I have to do is add the wet if I'm in a hurry.

1/2 c old fashioned oats ground to flour in the Magic Bullet
1/8 t baking powder
1/8 t salt
cinnamon I like a lot
cloves I like a pinch
nutmeg I use whole nuts and grate in....some
1T Splenda
After that's nice and flour like add the wet
1 egg
2T or so of yogurt of choice (I match the yogurt to whatever fruit I'm using)
2T or so skim milk
vanilla to taste
fruit of choice (1/2 banana, diced stewed apples, etc.)

I use a teaspoon of canola oil to cook the cakes. You can just use spray if you want. I like how crispy they get with the oil and I need 2 teaspoons a day anyway. This makes 2-4 cakes depending on what size you make.

This week I started on the apple cakes. I used WW apple pie a la mode yogurt. I diced a whole granny smith apple small and put it in a small pot with a ton of cinnamon, 1 T Splenda, and a little water and cooked until soft while I did the rest. When it was time for the wet in the cakes, I added some of the apples to the mix. I took the rest of the apples, the rest of the WW apple pie a la mode yogurt and whirred that in the Bullet for my 'syrup'. Oh my land was it good!

I'm following WW Simply Filling Technique. This fits in perfectly.

I think I might try pineapple cakes next!!

Peace be the journey



  1. Sounds yummy.....will have to try them

  2. Those sound healthy and delicious! I pre measure a weeks worth of oatmeal with my favorite toppings into individual containers. It makes life so much easier.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog and am looking forward to finding great recipes. This one looks delicious. I just started WW three weeks ago, and am really enjoying it so far. Do you list the points on your recipes? Do you know how many this one had? Thanks! BTW, you're beautiful!