Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shame on you Ruby Tuesday

That's right, I'm shaking my finger at you. My head is going back and forth and there are even a few tsk tsk's too.

I debated writing this as of course, it's only my opinion, then I read this gal's blog and decided, oh ya, I can write it as, to steal her idea, IT'S MY OWN DAMN BLOG!

So, why is Ruby Tuesday getting my tsk of shame? Because they feed us crap that's why! A large percentage of the things they have are fat laden. There is no need for that. I'm not a fat snob, oh no no no, I love my fat. On the occasions that I wish to avoid it, however, I should be able to!

Now, it's not just the obviously fatty things they have....

Chicken & broccoli pasta = 96g fat
Lobster Carbonara = 95g fat
Fresh guacamole = 96g fat
California club sunrise quesidilla = 177g of fat
Spinach & mushroom omelet = 59g fat

You get the drift there...

I don't have a problem with high fat things on the menu. For the love of all that is holy not all of us want to consume that kind of fat! Hell, my arteries clogged up just reading their nutritional data site!!!

A spinach and mushroom omelet for goodness sakes! That could be so low in low.

So, they have healthy options you say? Nope, they've managed to fat those up too!!!

Steamed broccoli...fresh mind you...6 grams of fat! What the fuck to you do to steamed broccoli to add 6g fat???? Moreover, WHY would you do it? I mean really, who orders steamed broccoli wanting something fatty???

Fresh grilled asparagus, 5g fat
Fresh grilled green beans, 2g fat
Sugar snap peas, 6g fat
Petite zucchini cakes, 22g fat. I'd hate like hell to see the 'regular' sized ones!

If I can get plain grilled chicken there for 4g fat, and a petite sirloin steak for 6g, why can't I get some veg that isn't a heart attack on a plate????

There are a few choices, very few that are a bit healthier. The problem is making sure they prepare it the way you ask. If you order it steamed, no fat, how come it still glistens? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm????

I'm not ordering mashed cauliflower because I like it better than mashed potatoes, I'm ordering it because it's better for me. Why is there butter floating in it?

What meal did we choose last night? Why a Triple Prime Bacon Cheeseburger of course. We had a coupon for a free burger. This one weighed in at 1144 calories and 88 grams of fat. That would be 33 Points Plus in case you wondered. I don't get that many for a whole day, never mind one component of a meal. I've been so hungry for this, or so I thought.

We planned. We decided to share the burger. I'd get the cauliflower, he'd get the fries. My dinner would be roughly 20 Points Plus. I saved my weeklies and off we went. Like I said, I don't have a problem with fatty food, when it's fatty food I want!

Let me tell you, it wasn't worth it. Or, maybe it was. I learned I won't be back! I won't be craving that burger ever again!

The grease dripped down my arm.

The cauliflower, with greasy little craters, left a film on my tongue. I didn't eat it.

I woke up with horrid acid at 4AM.

I've been queasy all day.

My body revolted from the grease. Guess that's a good thing.

Will I go again when I get a coupon for a free burger?

Ah no.

I'll stick with the pot stickers and salad. I'll bring my own dressing also!!!

Feel free to check out their nutritional site yourself! Oh, you may be shocked by their "Smart Eating Choices"!!! Smart for who? Sure the hell not me!!!

Peace be the journey



  1. "Can I order a block of lard and large fries please ?"

    "Oh sorry sir, you'll be wanting the low fat menu then !"

  2. Good post, Debby. :) I've never eaten at Ruby Tuesday but unfortunately, the menu description fits far too many other restaurants.

    We just returned from a 2-week vacation in Orlando and it was so difficult to make healthy choices. I did allow myself to indulge in "vacation eating" some of the time but I wanted to eat healthier the rest of the time. Not all that easy.

  3. I've had some shocks like this before, it's amazing what you can find when you google nutritional values. I've been so shocked as to change where I'm going to I never leave the house without looking up the restaurant, or googling their nutritional values.
    I agree it is disgusting what they "hide" in the of the reasons we as a nation have the obesity rates we do

  4. Wow, great post (as usual). We used to frequent Ruby Tuesdays. I can't believe the STEAMED stuff is laden with fat, wow!! I laughed out loud at your broccoli comment, lol. It is sad that we have to go through so much trouble to get healthy stuff that is actually healthy!

  5. Well yeah it is hard to go through so much to get healthy food, but it worth its price right