Monday, September 12, 2011

Mis en place

Anyone that knows me knows I love to cook. Roasting, braising, sauteing, steaming, poaching, I love it all. I love to chop and dice....chiffonade, mince, matchstick, & julienne are terms I use daily. I know the difference between a mirepoix and the Trinity and when to use both. I generally prefer a soffrito over a mirepoix...just sayin. If it's a kitchen gadget, I probably have it.

So how does my love of all things kitchen tie in with weight loss?

Well, when I'm cooking, I have my station ready to go. I chop what needs chopping, I dice what needs dicing, my spices are measured in a small bowl, and everything I need is at hand before I actually begin to cook. Mis en place.

As I was planning my meals for today, I realized that mis en place gets me where I want to go even when I'm not cooking. I gather my food guide and my tracker. I fire up the laptop and bring up etools. I get pencil, paper, and my cell phone to hand. Mis en place. Everything is ready, let us begin it.

It's easy to plan when you have the right tools.

How about you? Do you plan? Prepare? Do you have the right tools, or moreover, do you use the tools you have?

Peace be the journey



  1. I'm constantly planning, reading nutritional labels, using all my resources. Wouldn't be successful without doing it!

  2. Great point of view! I have my food scale, healthy recipes and cookbooks, my lap top, my WW calculator and most of the time the "right frame of mind" to help me stay the course! Then of course having the right foods in the house also helps!