Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bon Voyage

Changes they are a comin.

Check back after my regularly scheduled break.

Yep, the Pixie and the Silverback are going on a cruise. We'll be hitting St. Thomas, St. Maarten, Turks & Caicos, and somewhere else I can't quite remember right now. We leave here in a few hours and will be back next Sunday.

Be ready for a new plan from moi. I've had enough. It's time to get back into action.

Yep it is.



  1. Hi Debs

    Got your email and did send you an invite
    HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME...Want to hear all about it when you get back - and see the photo's.
    I also need to get back on track....finding it hard since my holiday.

  2. Have fun! I love cruises!

  3. Have a great holiday and can't wait to hear what your plan is going to be :)

  4. Long time no see/talk Debby! Glad to be back heeee.

    Hope you had a nice trip! Any pics to share?

  5. Oops that was me. The display name was a mistake :D

  6. Marcelle, I was enjoying reading your blog and thought I responded when you asked about switching over and reading. Apparently I did something wrong. Could you add me? My email is krichter at shrr dot com.

  7. I've been to several of those places. We used to live in Puerto Rico! Have a fabulous time!!

  8. I found your blog through your comment on TJ's Test Kitchen. We are the same age and I am a Weight Watcher follower as well.

    I no longer go to meetings and I had gained back some pounds but am almost back at my goal weight.

    Hope you had a great time on our cruise.