Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Well crap

I guess it's time to start doing something.

I've been trying to figure out a way to get back into the groove. As I'm a list maker, I, of course, made a list.

Reasons why I don't want to get back on plan.
1. I don't wanna.
2. I don't want to have to plan what I'm going to eat and when I'm going to eat it.
3. I want to pop over to friends house and have wine if I want, or a cookie if I want.
4. I don't wanna.
5. I want to fix a lot more of the recipes in the new books I got.
6. I'm sure there's more reasons.

Reasons why I need to get back on plan.
1. My pants are tight. Yes, my fat pants.
2. My shirts don't fit nice.
3. I feel fat.
4. My face feels fat and I don't want wrinkles when it thins out so I can't let it get fatter.

What can I do to get back in the groove?

Here's the skinny boys and girls. I promise. Yep, I promise. Now, it may be one thing for you to promise you'll do something but never do it. Not moi. If I EVER say 'I promise'. I mean it, and it will be done.

First of all realize that I'm wayyyyyyyyy off track. Water? Only what's in my coffee. Exercise? From my chair to the fridge. Veggies? Only if ketchup counts. Fruit? There's a picture of a lemon on my Sprite Zero can.

So, without further ado. For the next 2 weeks I promise the following.

1. Exercise 20 minutes a day. Yes, even on the cruise.
2. Eat 2 veg every day. No, I won't get creative and count a potato chip as a veg!
3. Eat 1 fruit every single day. my mind this might get me back to more healthy behaviors. If I'm out there hoofing it for 20 minutes, I'm thinking I'll make healthier choices in food.

If I'm eating 2 veg a day, that's stomach space filled where a cookie, cake, or chips might have gone.

If I eat a fruit a day....see eating 2 veg a day.

I'm hoping that it'll be a snowball effect. If I eat 2 veg, I might challenge myself to eat 3. If I walk 20 minutes, I might say ohhhh 30 might feel better. I'm going to ease back into it with baby steps and expect the avalanche!

Let it snow baby, let it snow!



  1. Pixie, I don't know if you have used it before, but the WW eTools has an amazing Recipe Builder. I take my favorite recipes and use that tool to convert them to more Point friendly versions. It keeps me busy, lets me eat what I like, and I can still stay on plan. Just a suggestion. (I too have an amazing recipe book collection!)

  2. Looks like you are on the right track! You can do it! I find it works better for me to set my goals small, because I am happier when I achieve them & think "I can do this" & I do more! If I set my goals to high, I just get discouraged & give up.

  3. I am gonna hold you to that promise! :) xoxo You can do it my friend!

  4. You'll find your feet again...

  5. Am sorry that was so short..but in a lowish place today...tomorrow I will be better promise...xx

  6. Happy to see you're back! Good luck sweetie, I'm here rootin for ya!

  7. Getting back on track is a good thing ! It's not that we fall off the horse that is harmful, but that sometimes we let that horse trample us into the ground and we decide that it's just too much. Fresh starts are kind of like reinventing yourself, which is always fun !

  8. Welcome back Debby! I know you don't wanna, but I think you don't wanna keep gaining either!

    Take care and I'm in your corner!

  9. It's so funny cuz every time I start to think about getting back on the wagon, I mosey (yes I mosey) on over to your blog. You always seem to be having the same struggles I am having and at the same time. The only difference is you have actually achieved a large portion of your goal. I have not. I lost 85 lbs. before oh about 20 years ago and because I didn't hit that magical number I felt like I failed. Oh, how I wish I could go back and talk to "me" and tell "me" how stupid I was being. You have still achieved so much. I don't want to see you going back in the other direction. Hang onto that rope cuz I am swinging on the one right next to you! You inspire girl, all the time!

  10. Sounds like a great way to start back! Good luck, I'm pulling for you!

  11. Good luck!!

    We are on a life journey so it doesn't matter how many tries you have. You can't fail unless you stop trying! :D

    And we're right here with ya~~