Sunday, April 25, 2010

Down to business

So, I get this newsletter from The Duke Diet and Fitness people. I liked it. Here it is in it's entirety. Hope the hell I don't go to jail for plagiarism. I gave credit right? Here's the link so you can sign up for your own newsletter.

One way to think of approaching your weight-loss journey is to liken the process to that of running a business. In business, you begin with a detailed plan that includes specific information about your goals and what steps you plan to take to achieve them. Also in the plan is a list of possible obstacles you might face and the actions you will take to overcome them should they arise. Once you've thought through and planned for as many variables as you can think of, you open the doors and put the plan into play.

Over time, issues and circumstances will arise that you didn't foresee. But rather than declare the venture a failure and give up, you revisit your plan, fine-tuning it to address and overcome each challenge as it arises.

That's exactly what members of the Duke Diet & Fitness Online program do. They begin with a plan based upon what they know about themselves and their lifestyle now, and then adjust it as needed over time to ensure continued advancement toward their goals.

Along the way, we offer detailed information to make the plan work — from strategies for facing common dilemmas like plateaus and "diet fatigue" to tips for keeping up the momentum, overcoming slip-ups, and preventing the pounds from coming back. Consider us your key ally in this new venture to control your weight.

Often the reason people have trouble achieving their weight-loss goals is that they lack a comprehensive, long-term plan for achieving success. In our work with patients, we find that taking this long-term "business plan" approach to the business of health is very effective. And so will you!

This spoke to me. Especially the part where it says 'based upon what they know about themselves'. I know a lot about myself. Most things I try to ignore.

I know that if someone says 'c'mon let's eat'. I will, c'mon, and eat.

I know that if someone suggests wine and cheese, I want to be there.

I know that if someone says 'let's do Mexican', I want to do Mexican.

I know I love the taste and feel of food in my mouth.

I know I love the freedom of eating what I want, when I want it.

I know I need leeway. I need room to move. I need a plan that, if I want a glass of wine, I can have a glass of wine.

I need to learn moderation. Ya, I know, broken record.

I know a lot about myself. I need to think about it all in the next day or two and form a plan of action.

I need a plan in my mind of what to do if someone says 'hey let's do Mexican tonight', and I really shouldn't. I need to learn to tell myself no. Or, perhaps, that's the problem. I don't do 'no' well. Perhaps I need to learn to tell myself 'later', 'tomorrow', etc. Then, maybe tomorrow or later, I won't want what I want at the moment.

Yes, a lot of thinking shall be done here.

A plan shall be formed.

Pixie will begin to de-puff.



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  1. Lately I've been reading and learning about nutrition, like, ALL over again. I'm learning that it doesn't have to be hard, and that it's really about BALANCE.

    We can do this, together! It won't be "easy," but it certainly doesn't have to be hard either :)