Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Just a little bit

Sometimes we think results take great efforts.

Great efforts become a chore so we don't do them.

So, we don't see results.

I've said 'baby steps' so many times, but never appreciated the concept until just now. You always hear that just a little bit of extra effort adds up. Ya, yawn. I saw it in writing today, and it hit home.

I get daily emails from Joy Bauer, called 'The Daily Plumb'. Today's really made an impact on my baby step theory. She was talking about adding little extras in. Before there were gyms, what did people do? Before there were automatic dishwashers, elevators, etc. Here is part of it.

"For instance, the next time you have a choice between stairs or an elevator, take the stairs. You can either walk all the way up or, if your destination is on a very high floor, just part of the way. When it comes to escalators, don't let them do all the work for you — climb as fast as you can. You'll get to your destination faster and build super-strong quad muscles to boot. If you take mass transit to your office, get off a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way. If you drive, park farther away.

The bottom line is this: The calories you burn just by turning back the clock on one activity have a nice way of adding up. Even if it's just an extra 50 per day, that still leaves you five pounds lighter in a year's time. Not bad!"

Holy shit!!! I can lose 5 pounds in a year by choosing to burn 50 extra calories each day? Baby steps indeed!!!

I found this site that shows how it adds up. Give it a look see.
Anything in there you could do today to burn 50 extra calories? I'm going to find one.

From now on, parking at the end of the parking lot isn't going to seem like a wasted effort...nope, it's going to add up.

Hmmm I wonder how long I have to type to burn 50 calories????

C'mon, you know you want to join me. What little extra can you do today? Might give someone else an idea!

Peace be the journey!



  1. good list! i hope deflating the airbed, rolling it and putting it in the cupboard burns 50 calories!

    i plan to make better choices.

  2. I'm all about baby steps! Today I am packing my pool stuff. I have my WW meeting at 1030, then I will go walk around the farmers market and grab a HEALTHY lunch, then wait for the pool to open at 1pm. :)

    humm maybe I will pack my lunch. I think that might be better. :)

  3. Our law office is on two floors and two of my attorneys are on the first floor and I'm on the second. I take the stairs 99% of the time. Sometimes by the end of the day I'm tired and take the elevator!!!

  4. Baby steps all add up! I live in a two story house and I run up and down those stairs all day long. I use to pile things up at the bottom of the stairs to save trips up and down but not anymore!

  5. You just made me realize that i do need to start using the stairs at work, i only work on the second floor for gods sake! That will be one of my extras...i'll start looking for more!
    Thanks chickie!

  6. You have inspired me, Ms. Pixie! Do you know how much time I spend looking for the closest parking spot? Even at the gym! *blushes* Starting today, I will find the farthest spot and walk my butt to the door. :-)

  7. I have this song from one of those old claymation holiday specials in my head, "Put one foot in front of the other, and soon you'll be walking out the doooooor!"

  8. 50 calories, I want to burn a heck of a lot more than 50....but get the point....LOL