Friday, August 26, 2011

Good little thinky girl

We have a dog. OK, technically she's a dog, but I think she thinks she's a cat. She lays on her pillow all day long and only moves to eat and go potty. Much like her owner actually! Ahem. Anyway, she's an old girl, again much like her owner! Years ago, when she'd do something cute or good, TBM would say 'good little (insert task here) girl. If she went potty, she'd be 'good little potty girl', if she took her medicine good, she'd be 'good little medicine girl', etc. It's become a joke with us to apply that term to ourselves. I'll get home from work and TBM will say 'oh you were a good little workey girl'. Ya, we're lame, what can I say!

So, I put my thinking cap on this week, hence the title, 'Good little thinky girl' you thought I'd never get to the tie in eh????

Yesterday was a revelation for me. I've been following the WW program off and on since 1977. Yesterday was the first truly free day I've really ever felt being on program. Wow...that's really saying a lot isn't it??

I'm following what WW calls the Simply Filling Technique...SFT from here on in! It boils down to you eat from a list of power foods. You can have any of it, whenever you are hungry and eat until you are satisfied. Simple? Ahhh, not so fast Jack.

Do you know when you are hungry? Oh sure, sometimes we all do. Sometimes we'll be doing something and our stomach growls, we might even be light fact, I am both of those right now. BRB I'm going to go eat breakfast! Ahh, much better. Secondly, do you know when you are satisfied? It's not as easy as it sounds.

I spent a lot of time yesterday asking myself if I was hungry. It was lunch time and there I was. Self? Are you hungry? Heavy thinking commenced. OK people, here's my first clue. If I have to stop and ask myself if I'm hungry, I probably am not. That was a bit easier than the satisfied thing.

Dinner time rolled around. I was hungry. I fixed a beautiful meal. I portioned it out on my plate and I couldn't wait to eat it. All of it. It wasn't a big serving and I'd have eaten all that and more on the Points Plus program. I was really enjoying my meal. I stopped half way through and sat there for a minute or two. Made myself really I still hungry? OR, am I satisfied? We all know it takes longer for our brain to register full and we really should quit eating before we get full. So, I think satisfied is the key to the SFT plan. I decided I wasn't still hungry, so that meant I was satisfied. I quit eating. I knew that if I was hungry later, I could have more. I didn't get hungry later.

I wanted to eat when watching TV and several times I had to ask myself, are you hungry? Hmmmm as much as I wanted to feel my tummy rumble because I wanted to eat something, it didn't. Bastard. For the first night in many, many, many nights, I didn't eat anything after dinner.

I don't know if I'll lose anything this week, but it sure is making me think. It's going to help me get in touch with my body, my thoughts, and my feelings. I have to think that's a good thing.

If I go back to Points Plus, and keep implementing the 'eat when hungry and ONLY until satisfied' way of life, I have to think that's a win win!

So far I'm pleased with what I'm learning and how I'm feeling and the freedom it's giving me.

Peace be the journey



  1. Wow! Thanks for posting this. I've been thinking about going to the SFT but I'm kind of scared that I would overeat. Even if they are filling foods. I am not a very good judge on when I'm just satisfied or hungry or full. I'm always hungry. LOL Well, not really. I don't ever let my stomach growl. Ok, maybe like a couple times a week, but not much. Seems like if I wait for my stomach to growl, I overeat.

    What if you do the SFT and don't get enough to eat because you don't really think you are hungry and you think you are satisfied before you have ate much at all? These are questions I have and things I'm worried about.

    So, please keep us updated throughout the week and let us know how weigh in goes. If it works for you, maybe I'll try it :)

    Again, thanks for posting. It was much needed for me to read :)

  2. Hey there Pixie, your page grabbed me. I too have an old doggy. Shes the love of my life. New to blogger and have been reading around for inspiration. Hope you don't mind if I follow you. I Have avoided going back to weight watchers, I find the whole points thing overwhelming. The New ProPoints thing they have been advertising in Australia I had no idea it was this simple; but I like this .... this new thing. I'm doing my best to stay on a good food track this week and I'm going to practice this . Thx for the inspiration. xx Lynda