Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend Yummies

I fixed 2 new recipes today.

I don't want to go to jail, so you can get the first recipe here. Hungry Girl...some of her recipes rock, some suck. This one was a winner. It was easy to fix and TBM loved it. I will fix it different next time. Yes, there will be a next time. Here's my take on it. Oh wait, first, I actually took a picture of it simmering in the pot!

OK, my opinion of the recipe. The broth was actually very good. I didn't expect that from canned chicken broth, packaged broccoli slaw, and no veg sweating or anything. I followed the recipe (well mostly) so I'd know if it needed tweaking. It didn't. Changes I called for bamboo shoots. Gag me. I used water chestnuts, that I slivered instead. Awesome choice. Added crunch and loved it. I couldn't find straw mushrooms, so I substituted canned shitake. I won't use schrooms at all next time. They were rubbery and the texture was wrong for the rest of the soup. Also, next time, I won't use won ton wrappers. I'll make tiny meatballs instead. I liked the meat mix, but I didn't like the won ton packages. They were cute and all, but I thought they had a slimy texture that I didn't like.

So, next time it will be Asian meatball soup. Less points too. A win win for me!

I'll tell you about the fruity and tangy meatballs another time.

Peace be the journey


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  1. I love soup and often times I just wing it using what I have on hand that sounds good at the moment. There is something so filling and satisfying about a hot bowl of soup. When our weather gets out of the 90's I will be making me some more soup.