Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Soar to unimagined heights

My awesome cousin Luanne, who shares my struggle, shared this with me yesterday. I found it extremely deep. So I don't go to jail for plagiarism, it was written by Michael Kelley. The book is called "Rediscovering Catholicism". It just hit my brain as being parallel to weight loss.

I just want to share the quote with you. I want you to read it. Wrap your brain around it. Put your own spin on it. It really hit home to me. I thought 'how true!!!'

Luanne's spin was this:

"Last night the chapter was about what freedom really is. It said freedom isn't about doing whatever you want its about discipline. Doing what ever you think feels good eventually ends in slavery."

Damn, did she get the smart genes in our family or what????

"Discipline awakens us from our philosophical stupor and refines every aspect of the human person. Discipline doesn't enslave or stifle us; rather it sets us free to soar to unimagined heights. It sharpens the human senses allowing us to savor the subtler tastes of life's experiences. Whether those experiences are physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual, discipline elevates them to their ultimate reality. It heightens every human experience and increases every human ability."

Soar to unimagined! Who's with me?????

Peace be the journey



  1. You know it's funny. Discipline really did open doors for me. When I was at my best on this diet thing, I began to appreciate fruit. Fresh fruit as a dessert instead of cake. And a bike ride as recreation rather than a movie theater. Things that saved me money and calories, that had seemed before like sacrifices. They actually became something I looked forward to. Weird huh?

  2. Fat Daddy basically said what I was thinking.

    I think the key is getting to that wonderful place of discipline and staying there...unfortunately not always easy, at least for me.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Debby! Glad you enjoyed my ho post. :D