Monday, August 22, 2011

It's the roids

OK, here's how it's going to go down.

You know, in the morning. When I go to Weight Watchers. After another, YES ANOTHER, week of unbridled eating.

Weigh In Nancy- Hi! How was your week??

Fat Uber Calorie Konsuming Unendingeating Princess- Awesome!!!

WIN- I'm ready, step on the scale.

FUCK UP- Okey dokey!

WIN- Holy shit! What happened???

FUCK UP- Well, I was giving myself a bikini wax. Yes, I realize that I'm 52 years old, never had one, not sure why I need one, but it just seemed the thing to do. I got a bit carried away with the wax and ripped off things that should have remained in place. I was forced to go to the doctor and she gave me steroids and they made me puff up and retain this 8 pounds.

WIN- So you were a dumb ass hat and ate like a pig again this week? You failed to move your ass AGAIN this week? You ate no fruit, no veg, no milk, and no whole grain AGAIN this week?

FUCK UP- Ya, or it could be that.

Peace be the journey



  1. Yeah, all I have to do when I look at the scale is think back to the desserts I unwisely baked... and ate.

    Key is the latter part for me, LOL.

  2. At least you didnt break down sobbing so loud the entire room starts wondering what the hell the noise is. Who let in that squealing pig?

    Yours faithfully
    Another fuck up