Saturday, February 21, 2009

Determined Debby

C'est moi.

OK, so I've been working my ass off and it's still fat.

I've had 2 undeserved gains.

I've ramped my exercise up and am sweating profusely for a minimum of an hour a day. Most days it's a minimum of 90 minutes. I feel good about that. I actually look forward to gym time. I worry about what I'll do when I get home in May and have no gym. I'm still doing at least 2 WATP's a week to get in some weights too.

My diet has been 100%, balls on, perfectly OP. I weigh, I measure, I plan ahead and I stick to my plan. I'm getting in all my milks, oils, fruit, veg, water. I'm using whole grains when I use grains. When I am hungry, I reach for healthy, filling foods, rather than junk even if I have the points for junk.

I've cut 100% of ALL trans fats from my diet. I switched to natural peanut butter. I quit using coffee mate and switched to non fat powdered milk. I eat no spreads, margarines, nothing at all with the word 'hydrogenated' in it. Things say they have 0% trans fats, but it's not true if the label says 'hydrogenated'.

I've been a good girl.

Why the hell am I gaining???? I'm sick of it. I gained 1.2 this week. Pair that with the 2.6 pound gain of a few weeks ago and you get one pissed off, still puffy, Pixie!!!!

Leader says "eat more". This week I'm adding in a few AP's a day to see if that helps. She said eat half of what I earn. I only count the actually gym AP's. I never count house work, walking around etc. So, I earn a minimum of 6 a day. I'm adding between 2-3 points a day to my diet and making sure I also eat my minimum points.

Tuesday seems a long way away. I need something to break. I'm working hard, I deserve results.

One good thing. I'm too f'ing stubborn to give up!!!

Please send skinny vibes.


  1. Good luck. I had a gain this week too....and was so pissed I binged yesterday...which of course will likely lead to a gain next week....BUT I am done with that yoyo stuff....getting back on program today!

    Good luck with it. I know you can figure this out! I know you can! I look forward to reading more about how you get it figured out!

  2. I was told by 2 leaders (at different locations) that there is no need to use AP's unless you are hungry. I was struggling and I stopped eating those points..I was eating 1/2 of my earnings like you. I saw a difference. If Im starving I eat something healthy off of the "filling foods: list but I never use those APs. Always my weekly 35's are used. A few members that saw my frustrations said when they were in LOSE MODE they never used AP's. Most of the women at the meeting I go to are all lifetime. Anyway just thought Id put my 2 cents in. Maybe you should chat with y our leader to see what they say about this?


  3. Have you had your thyroid checked? It seems that as we age, the thyroid gland goes all wacky. Just another wonderful thing about being a woman, I guess. I'm not trying to give you an excuse, just something to check out.