Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Who the hell turned the heat off?

Sorry, that has nothing to do about weight loss. It's just cold in Florida right now. I winter here for heat, not cold! Oh, sure, it gets sunny and nice in the afternoon, but I expect more! OK, back to your regularly scheduled program.

Yesterday was WI. I lost 1.4. Yippee! Shit! Yep, mixed reaction for sure. I understand 1.4 is good. It's nearly 6 sticks of butter. Yada, yada, yada. I worked my ass off last week. I wanted more. I gained 2.6 the week before and I wanted to lose it last week. Whine, whine, whine, poor baby didn't get what she wanted and she's pissed. She didn't deserve the gain and she didn't deserve to not get rid of the gain. I am allowed to piss and moan and get it off my chest though. OK, done now. No use crying over not spilled fat.

How's my new 30 day challenge going? Very well, thank you for asking! I'm only eating out at the table. I'm not eating after 9pm. I'm exercising my ass off and planning my food. I'm being a good pixie.

I've encountered a problem though that I'm just going to have to work though. It's the not eating after 9pm thing. I don't like it much!!! The first night, Monday, I got home from cards and got into my nightie and fixed my snack. I sat out in the lanai and read a magazine and had my cup of milk, my WW cookie, and a cup of grapes. It was lovely. Came back into the house to watch 'Two and a Half Men' with the guys. I do adore that show. We were half way through the show when I realized that I had planned a WW ice cream sandwich for my snack also and I forgot to eat it! I was just heart broken!!!!!!! It was now after 9pm and it was lost to me forever! OK, so I could have it tomorrow, but I'd planned the points for it that night and now I couldn't have it. Damn and blast!!!!

I shall work on this. You bet your ass I'll be checking my food planner before 9PM from now on!


  1. Sorry it is cold down there in Florida.

    Sounds like the 30 day challenge is going well. Good for you! For me, the hardest thing would have been eating at the table but you are doing it, huh?

    Sorry about the snack you missed but great that you are so meticulous in planning your food. That is awesome!

    You are giving me lots of good ideas to challenge myself in the coming months! Thanks.

  2. Its cold here in TN too! Hate it! But, would love some snow.....I'm warped, what can I say.

    I admire your will power. Especially since I know you've already done one 30 run....! Good for you. I was going to do six days and I let life get in my way. No excuses, I just let it happen because I didn't have the will to do it. But, I am still working at it. Not giving up!

    As for the snack. I TOTALLY understand. Again, you and I are definitely WW sisters, we sound a lot alike! LOL

  3. Don't forget that if you worked out really hard some of the lack of a big weight loss is your body is building muscle! Muscle, in the long run, burns more calories and is better for you! Fret not, you'll see the fruits of your labor soon enough! :)

    I also was kind of annoyed this week losing only 1.8 for the week after having worked out 5 days last week (big improvement over my..uhh...none when I started this whole thing). But then I reminded myself that I'll see the fruits of it down the road when the muscle I built last week starts buring more calories for me :)

    Good job on the challenge! XD


  4. I so understand your frustration with forgetting to eat before 9pm. I get a little crazed with my WW points sometimes. I feel like I've missed out if I have ones leftover.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. You have a way of making me laugh and think at the same time. Don't feel bad for going off for 8 months, I've gone off for years at a time. I'm glad to be back on track.

    To answer your question about why I want to get off the soda... I've read so much about how bad aspartame is and I have gave up soda in the past and felt much better (and dropped some extra pounds). I'm not feeling about staying with the sodas for awhile. I've given up so many things already. I'll keep this little vice for a while.

    Take care!