Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

Man I used to love this day. An excuse to eat a ton of I needed an excuse back then! We'd get a dozen paczi....each kid would get one....there were 5 of do the math! If you don't know what a paczi's a greasy, deep fried hunk of dough filled with some ooey gooey filling. Prune was customary...I liked raspberry and lemon. Hell, I liked any of them! We'd get them from Hamtramck...they even have a festival for paczi's there! My stomach is rolling thinking of it...not in a good way I guess that's a good thing.

I went shopping today for my Fat Tuesday treats. Nobody could go with me, so I could buy what I wanted and eat the evidence before getting home if I so chose. Today was my WI. I lost, finally. So, eating a bit extra seems to have helped. Oh yay...give me license to eat more today! Not! I was so wishing someone had gone to the store with me. I needed someone to keep me from buying junk. This is going to be my first week not having a no rules day. I'm going to spread my 35 flex points or whatever the hell they're calling them now, out over the week instead of using them all in one day. God give me strength.

I didn't eat anything on the way home. I didn't sneak anything at the store. I brought everything I bought home for God and everyone to see. I put it all away, ate a muffin with some natural peanut butter and a glass of milk and headed off to the gym. I thought I'd have my treat later on.

What did I buy?

4 twelve packs of diet pop
2 bags of salad
2 bags shredded cabbage
4 bags of broccoli florets
3 pounds of onions
5 pounds of baby carrots
3 pounds of red grapes
10 bananas
7 containers of Weight Watchers yogurt
1 gallon skim milk
2 bottles of olive oil (it was bogo)
2 twelve packs of toilet paper....hey...all that fiber you know!

Oh...I also bought myself a Fat Tuesday treat. I forgot to include that in the list.

It was this and I'm off to enjoy it right now!

Long live Fat Tuesday!!!

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  1. A Very admirable shopping list there and I hope you enjoyed the treat too!