Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A blast from the know?

So I was reading Fat Daddy's blog this morning...and he (young snot) mentioned that he was a teen in the 80's, and used some of the 80's slang. Got me thinkin....oh yes it did, about what we, as teens from the 70's used to say.

'Like' this week my weight loss has been a 'bummer'. I'm gonna be so 'busted' when I get on that scale tonight.

It's 'copacetic' though, it's 'cool'. It would be 'far out' & 'groovy' and 'totally bitchin' if the damn scale would show a loss. Not gonna happen tonight though. It's going to be 'totally' 'in your face', 'that's sick' 'fo sho.'

I mean I want to be 'buff' and a 'brick house' and all.....I just didn't 'keep on truckin' this week toward my goal. I want to hear 'loookin goooood' when I bike down the road, that would be 'awesome'!

I asked myself the other day 'what's the skinny'? I was just stressed 'to the max' 'you know' was the answer. 'Can you dig it'????

I needed to 'chill', maybe 'boogie' a little, just take a breather from life in general. It helped. It was 'fab' actually. I totally 'bogarted' all the goodies in the 'crib'. Den thought he'd have a few treats....'dream on' dude!!!! I told him there were brownies left...then shouted 'psyche'! Nope, I ate 'em all!!!

I had a freakin awesome week! 'Right on'!!!! It was 'bad'!!! I'll gain. Shit happens. This week, it was worth it to me. Back to reality tomorrow though....'bummer'.

I gotta 'book' now. Places to go and people to see 'ya know'? So, 'catch ya later', 'see ya on the flip side'.

'Goodnight John Boy'.



  1. I was big on "gag me with a spoon" back in the day. lol

  2. TJ - like, gag me with a spoon, for sure! those jeans are soooo bitchin!!!!

  3. I'm a product of the 80s--like, you know. Gag me with a spoon was a popular phrase that I used often because it was bitchin'.

    Thanks for the good laugh and trip down memory lane, totally!

  4. LOL Totally cool! Night Mary-ellen. :)