Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One hour & fifty eight minutes

Ohhh is that how long I did on the elliptical today?

Nope, it's how long I laid in bed this morning telling myself to get up and get to the freakin gym. I never was a very good listener!

Here I sit with my coffee and my muffins having not gone to the gym. Sighhhh now I'll HAVE to go after work tonight. Oh I do love working out at the gym after being on my feet for 8 hours and walking 4-5 miles at work! I spent my day off yesterday getting a crown at the dentist. Oh happy days. I did NOT want to go to the gym after that. It does, however, make me a real princess now. You may all bow.

This girl RAN a 10K on the 4th of July AND is running a 1/2 marathon this winter in FL that I hope to watch, and I couldn't even heft the rolls out of bed to go do the elliptical for an hour. I don't even want to think about what this guy did to Lucy today, and this guy here puts me to shame. My Tokyo friend makes me tired just reading about what she does!!!

I'm really OK with it, I just wanted to whine and since this is my blog, I can do whatever I want.

On a different note. I have forgotten to mention the new big black icon at the top of my blog. No, it's not a picture of Denzel, it's my century club bling. Yepper, 100 pounds lost and gone forever. Hmmm when I hit 200 pounds, maybe I should put 2 of them up there! Anyway, there are cool buttons you can press on the side and go to other people that have lost 100 pounds. Never know which one might inspire you. I find the 'list' button the best. It gives the whole list of us losers on one page! Go on, press it. You know you want to!

One more note...inspiring each other. I really do get inspiration from the blogs I read. I've got the big man reading several too. I always know when he's reading Carlos' blog as he's over there snorting with tears running down his face. He's learning stuff...some stuff I probably don't really want him learning...but hey ho. I tell him stuff I read on other blogs too...we discuss. We get motivated and inspired. I hope none of my favorite's quit blogging...not sure I can do it without you! Take a look at my blog list and check them out if you haven't already. I read a few more I haven't added to the list yet...ya, I know, bad Debby. I've made a lot of TJ's tasty treats, and Heather's TVP was a hit. Carlos, is an entity. I always caution friends that his blog is explicit. He asked me if that was still really necessary? I'm laughing, but ya, it is! I do love him. CJ is struggling right now but I'm thinking of her a lot. Fat Daddy is one of my newer faves, and John & Tony are new to my list also. I'm sad that Julie has removed her blog. I feel like the wacky woman on Romper Room looking through her empty mirror frame at the audience here (holy shit does that date me or what???)I see Jo & Maggie, Lynn, Amy & Teresa. I've got you all in my google reader so I know when you update your blogs. I get inspiration from all of you. These are just my diet/exercise blogs I read...don't even get me started on the other list. My cousin Luanne inspires my soul...I told you not to get me started! OK, I'm done!

Keep on blogging!!!

Do I win the prize for the most ever links put in one post?



  1. I was always the sad little girl who NEVER got a shout out from that Romper Room lady- Until TODAY! Whoo hoo! Thanks Debby! I appreciate the luv! :) (seriously I used to cry at the end of the show! My mom tried to turn it off before it ended to prevent a tear- but I sat there longing for some love from her!) lol

    Just to make you feel better I was a slug all week- no exercise at all- but my eating was OP...scale tells all at 10 am TODAY!!


  2. wait- this week I played bocce, horse shoes, wii bowling, wii golf, wii step class... humm ok I was a lil more active than a slug right? lol

  3. Haha thanks for all the links. Now that will keep me busy this morning. Got a lot of discovering to do yeah!!!

    Good luck at the gym after work today :)

  4. I'm ashamed to admit I forgot one of the blogs I read faithfully. I just KNEW that would happen! It slipped into another blog folder and I missed it. I apologize to 'my 3 month challenge' and I've righted the error!

    She belly dances! How cool is that?????

  5. Thanks for spreading the blog love!!!

    For your awesome efforts, I made something special just for you. Go check it out & steal it for yourself:

  6. Thanks Debby!!!! :> You really didn't have to but this sure made my day~~~

  7. Oops this is "My 3 Month Challenge" by the way :>

  8. Bless your heart! You made me tear up. Thanks for mentioning me. You give me a lot of inspiration! Thanks for that!