Sunday, July 26, 2009

Salivation station!

Good afternoon boys and girls!

I'm having a fab-u-lus day off work today! We found out we had the same schedule as last week and thought we'd go right back to that same campground. You remember the one? Heated indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym, sauna, cable TV, internet, sighhhh. Anyway, we decided we should be responsible. #1, we don't have the money to go camping again. #2, we've got a ton of things to do around here! I've got paperwork up the ying yang, and well just too much to go into. There is so much I have been wanting to do, but I just don't have the oomph after work to do it.

What type of things you might ask?

Well, for one, I have been wanting to make a whole wheat pizza crust. As you remember, I work in a freaking pizza joint that has the best pie on the planet I think. It's so damn hard day after day to see all that gooey goodness and not partake. Oh sure, I can have it, but at about 13-16 points for a personal, that's way over half my daily points. It doesn't fill me up either. I just can't do it.

Today after a leisurely coffee time and breakfast, I dove into the paperwork. I had that paper shredder on high speed for sure. I found my Weight Watcher book that I had lost. You know the one they enter your weight into? Kind of important! I had to just take the sticker last week in hopes that I'd find the book. I did! Woohooo! I then went on a mission to find my key chain library card. Every time I want to stop and get a book, I don't have my card with me. It's a pain in the ass. I was given a little card to put on my key chain, but I've not been able to find it for over 2 years! No, I'm not that disorganized. I just knew it was in the top desk drawer. I mean, I'd never have put it anywhere but there. I of course have looked there 2 million times. Well today I was on a mission from God. I took everything out of that drawer. Took all the pencils out of the pencil holders. Nothing. I was so bummed. I then moved the 18 inch ruler that lives in the front of the drawer. There's a little pencil ledge there that runs the whole length of the drawer. Well, low and behold, when I moved the ruler, there was the little key card. All wedged in cute and tight against the front of the drawer. I never could see it before. So woohooo!!! I now deserved a treat!

I decided today was the day to experiment with pizza crust. I couldn't find a recipe anywhere. I wanted one that was totally whole grain. No artificial sugar either. Healthy oil too. I decided to just wing it and holy shit was my concoction good!!! It was so good that dinner plans have changed! We were going to have hamburger cooked on the grill and now I'm going to make taco pizza for dinner. I shall take a picture and blog about it another time and share the recipe too. I really, really, liked it. It ended up being 3 points for a crust about the size of what any personal pizza would be. Very thin of course as that's what I wanted. Crispy and just yummy as all get out! The big man loved it too! I'm just so happy I could spit. I expected the first try to be nasty. I thought I'd have to rewrite and re plan...but it was awesome first time out! I ground oats to oat flour and used whole wheat flour. I used honey instead of sugar and olive oil. I used skim milk too...holy shit it was great!!!!

I just had to share!



  1. Wow, that sounds delish!!! Please share when you find the time. How do you grind your own oats and with what? I need to learn some of this! Pizza....yes, I need a good low points pizza recipes. I get to where I absolutely crave pizza. I couldn't work in a pizza joint like you do! You definitely have some will power girl! Thanks for the pep talk on my blog. I do appreciate ALL of your support! You are great!!

  2. Gah! Healthy taco pizza? You MUST share! Please?

  3. ok so you mad me all excited to see pics and the recipe and NADA! ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH! lol :) Hurry up will ya! :) Sounds SOOO good! I dont make much from scratch lol When I make pizza I get the whole wheat pizza dough from Trader Joes fridge section-but then I make a HUGE pizza and I am tempted to over eat. OR I use whole wheat pitas as personal pizzas (2 points for the pita)

    I will keep my eye open for pics & the recipe soon! :)

  4. I'm looking forward to the recipe!

  5. sounds yummy but seriously... snap a pic take a video!!!

  6. The healthy pizza sounds too yummy and healthy at the same time to be true!!! Would love to see pics!! :D