Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy as a pig on a bag

I like Piglet.

He's just so cute. All pink and stuff. Little poofy belly, cute little cheeks...stripey, timid, and I love pink.

So, I got my hiney out of bed this morning at 6'O very early thirty and geared up to go to the gym. I don't have cute work out clothes like some of the ladies...mine are quite spartan. I'd love a cute top to work out in..but I wear a men's pocket tee shirt so I have a place so slip my mp3 player. I have 3, black, blue, and grey. Oh color me impressed! Pants...ditto. Black, and blue. I do have one pair of bright red work out pants...but I feel weird in them so I rarely wear them. Kind of like a giant wildebeest under attack. I like wildebeesties too.

How does the pig play into this? Well, my one splash of color is my gym bag. I just love it. It's a backpack, large, and pink. Do love pink. It gets even's a Piglet backpack. My good friend Ian gave it to me a few years ago and I just love it. I like it better now as I actually get to use it more. I mean really...where does a 50 year old woman need to carry a backpack? Why to the gym of course!!! I had a few small stuffed piglets on clip hook things...everyone needs a few of those hanging around right? Sure you do. I attached one of those to my bag. Can't ever have enough pink or enough Piglets!

So, I'm happier today because of my little pink friend. I've got my exercise done and out of the way. I've got my food planned. I'm off to work in a few hours. I've got tomorrow off work (I've got a pig on a clip on my work bag too!) AND it's the big man's birthday! Life is pretty good. If I keep at my diet and my exercise, someday I can have a cute pink workout outfit. For now, I'll just stick with my backpack.

As my little friend says 'Oh dear! Oh dear, oh dearie, dearie, dear! I can't wait for that day!


  1. I never look cute as I work out either- I cant see spending lots of $$ on clothing that you sweat in and need to wash right away. lol But If I splurged- mine would be pink too! :)

  2. Aren't you happy today! That is great to hear!

    Personally, not a fan of pink...but piglet is favorite is Eeyore! I guess I sometimes relate to his out look on life!

  3. My splash of color is my PINK gym bag too!! My gym outfits are usually blue, grey, black, and more black (hehe colors that are "supposed" to make you look slimmer). I have a HUGE pink Lesportsac that I'm ALWAYS lugging around since I go to the gym directly from work. Glad to know someone else likes pink like I do!

  4. Pink is the best! Love pink. I really don't care what the eff I look like when I work out. I'm going to sweat and smell and repulse so why bother doing it in a nice lil outfit? If I was of normal height and weight, I'd probably workout naked because I'd be so proud. Then again, maybe not. I love your mood - so happy!