Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday quickie

We're camping. More about that later. We have to drive back to go to work today (leaving in 10 minutes actually and I'm still in my nightie!), more about that later too.

I get a daily email from Jillian Michaels. Today's topic is 'Friends for life, and health'. I loved it. It suggests finding a friend as a work out buddy. Ya, right. I have Den, but we don't work out together and we just as easily bow out of the work out as talk each other into it. More of the former in fact!

I got thinking that I get most of my motivation and support from all of you. Yep, that's right, you. When I write something and you leave a comment, that's support. When you write a blog and I read it, I get something from it usually. It might be a laugh, it might be an 'aha' moment, but I usually get something. Heck, sometimes what I get is 'man it sucks to be him/her'!!! That's cool too. It's always important for us to realize that someone has it worse than us. I get motivation for all my blogging friends. I really do think about you during the day. Weird eh? I'm not going to start naming names again here as I don't want to miss anyone....but I'm thinking of some of you right now! hehe

So, from the bottom of my puffy pixie heart...thank you to my friends for life and health.

Bang on dudes.



  1. Friends can be a wonderful support system, rather in real life or online. I did have one friend who wasn't nice as I lost weight though.

    Have a safe drive back!

  2. I agree on all of the bloggers in my life being my friends and being mu support system. I know when Im absent from my computer for a few days I miss everyone- I wanna know who kicked ass on the scale! I wanna know who got up off of the couch and moved more (like I need to do!) and I love all of the comments that I get when I do or make something that I am proud of. :) I need all of this! I do better with all of the support, much better! Thanks for your support PIXIE! :)

  3. you bloggettes mean more to me than most in my real life. we share a goal, a's truly special.