Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dr. Suess in drag and on a diet

I do not like my thighs that shake.
I do not like my butt that quakes.
I do not like my boobs that sag.
I do not like my gut that bags.
I do not like my arms that flap.
I do not like my fat that slaps.
I do not like them, I confess.
If they were all still full of fat,
I'd like them even less!
I may have skin that hangs a yard,
But at least it's not still full of lard!

I've been noticing the wiggles and jiggles lately. Yesterday I turned around quickly while naked in front of the mirror...and I swear my butt fat nearly whacked the belly button. I can see my thigh fat jiggle when I walk...and well you get the picture. I was bemoaning this fact to myself when it occurred to me....having the sagging skin is better than having skin full of fat.

So, let the good times sag and screw the rolls.



  1. look at you! Cute lil dr. suess-like poem for us! :) I hate the leg jiggles too...but yeah your right, at least its not still full of fat! :)

  2. You are SOOO right. Let 'em sag!

    Cute poem!

  3. Love the poesm. Love your humor. You are so funny. Love and miss you.

  4. BAHH HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! You crack me up! I'm totally stealing this and using it in my meetings one of these days (with full credit to the godess of poetry herself of course!). OMG....that is just too funny. I so feel your pain. At least it's not full of fat anymore, is right.

  5. Oh, I'm right there with the flap and the slap!