Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A blur

That's what this post is.

Wanted you to know I'm alive.

We're on vacation. Loving the shit right out of it.

Today is day 6 of vacation. Also day 6 of my WW week. Yep, I weighed in last Wednesday night and Thursday hit the road.

We've been to Wisconsin and back. Drove through Chicago twice. Stop and go, bumper to bumper traffic. Both times. Sucked.

We tossed stuff into the 5th wheel when we got back and hit the road in the opposite direction. We're 'camping' with friends now. Went to dinner tonight with other friends from out of state.

HUGE get together tomorrow in Frankenmuth, MI for all the MI ppl from our park in Florida. Family style chicken dinner.

So, where do I stand diet wise?

Well, even if you didn't ask, I plan to tell you. Day 6 on the road and day 6 of being on plan. Holy shit! Did you even hear that?

I'm not depriving myself. I had a glass of wine last night. Counted the points.

I was going to have lobster pizza tonight for dinner...had the points all counted and everything. It sucked. I didn't deem it point worthy so didn't eat it.

I've saved a lot of my weekly points for some fried chicken tomorrow. Not a binge, one piece.

I'm learning to eat normal.

I don't know what the scale will say. If there is a gain, it's not going to be from my diet.

I'm on a roll.



  1. Good to hear from you while on vacation ( holiday )
    Keep going with the WW program as its worth it..both times I went to South Africa I kept to the program and kept losing, vacations does not have to mean more can mean being more active...heheeh
    I did it..YOU CAN DO IT...JUST GO IT...XX

  2. YEAH!!!! Congratulations!Keep it up.

  3. Wow. How inspiring! You go, girl. Keeping true on your vacation. BIG kudos. You continue to inspire me. Thank you! Keep being awesome, diligent, and true to YOU. And have safe travels ;-)

  4. Anytime you can hang on while on vacation that is quite an accomplishment. Good for you! And lobster? Yum!

  5. This post made me smile! Good job on staying on plan while on vacation. If you can do this on vacation, you can do it anytime. Enjoy your fried chicken.

  6. Victory! Bravo to you for eating normal on vacation.