Friday, August 6, 2010

Deep breath

I'm taking a deep cleansing breath before beginning & I'm drawing on my inner TJ this week for all it's worth.

Why, you ask? Well, I'd like to type more than 4 letter words, that's why!

OK, so my wonderful vacation week culminated in a .6 pound gain at my WI last night.

I'm sure that a lot of you think 'only' gaining .6 on vacation was wonderful. It would have been if that had been my goal. It wasn't. My goal was to lose.

I don't understand it even after looking back on everything. I planned ahead. I packed my own food. Breakfast in the hotel was what I brought, not their fare. Camping was the same. The times we ate out, I planned ahead and I counted the points. There were a few days, however, where I got busy and didn't have nearly enough points. That is what I'm attributing to my gain. It's working to soothe me so I'm going with that.

Just an FYI? Frozen custard is hella bad for you! I wanted it, and I planned for it and counted the points. All 16 of them!!!! I am sure a few of you think I'm crazy for using 16 points on an ice cream cone. It was the best I ever ate. Let me explain.

We were in Wisconsin visiting my second son and his family. They just bought a new house and as we're leaving for FL in 3 weeks, and for some unfathomable reason our boss gave us Fri, Sat, & Sun off together, this was our chance to see the house, and get some grand baby snuggling in. My second son is a foodie. He loves food. Loves to create food, loves to eat food. When he finds something he loves, he gets all excited and calls mom to share it. I love that about him. He's been married 5 years this week. I haven't got to talk to him alone since he got married. Now, don't be thinking all kinds of dark things here. It's not that I want to talk to him alone because I don't like his wife and can't talk in front of her. It's not that I want secret information. If you're a man, you won't understand. If you're a young mom, you probably won't either. If you're an older mom, you might. He got married 5 years ago as I said. Right out of college. In those 5 years he graduated, got married, got a great job. He bought a house, had a baby (premature I might add). They got pregnant a second time, another high risk pregnancy, and in the middle of that, he lost his job. Company went belly up. He busted his balls, found another job. A better job, better bennies, everything. In a different state. So, he packed up his wife, his 2 premature babies, his dog, and off they moved to a new state. A month ago, they bought a new house. He calls often and we talk of course...but about his job, what's going on etc. A lot has been going on with him, however, and mommy just had one question for him. Are you happy? I know he loves his work, he likes his new house, etc., but is he happy inside? Yep, that's it. That's all I wanted to know. I needed to know. He suggested we go to this awesome place for frozen custard after the kids went to bed and in my mind, it was the most wonderful thing ever. My baby is happy. Mommy is happy. 16 points of frozen custard? Priceless.

Ya, so I guess I haven't got that 'separate food from emotion' thing down yet!

OK, so .6 wasn't the end of the world. I am pissed but I'll get over it. It's not going to derail me. It's not going to get the better of me. To be honest, the thing that is really upsetting to me is I just know everyone thinks I just ate too much. Why do I care what people think? Hmmmm not too sure. I shall just smile and think evil thoughts and know in my mind that they're wrong!!

Has this ever happened to you? When you really know in your heart you were 'good', that you did the do, and the scale was an evil bitch to you? C'mon, let me know I'm not alone!

Peace be the journey.



  1. I certainly understand about the "alone time" with your son. I feel the same way. They are coming to visit from PA end of month. I can't wait!!! Had a lot bad times with him growing up (teens, young adulthood) but he has come so far and is doing so well and I am so proud of him!! Especially knowing what road he could have chosen! You are right, the 16 point yogurt was PRICELESS.

  2. You know sometimes when I travel I retain water a lot more than when I'm at home. Whether its more high sodium foods in restaurants or what I dont' know. But that's how it works. Stay on it and you might find you drop a pound or two as your body comes back into balance.

  3. Losing weight on vacation is tough no matter what. Gaining point 6 might be disappointing after all your hard work, but really anytime you're out of your routine and keep the gain under a pound, I think you should consider it a resounding success. Also, your body probably feels so much better after a vacation like this, rather than one where you eat a ton of junky, salty and/or sugary foods. Good job on sticking to your plan. It will pay off eventually in nice losses.

  4. aww you forget about that damn .6 because next week HIM and his buddies will be GONE! :) I am proud of you for planning your trip out and counting those points- even for the 16 point ice cream! lol WOWWZERS!

    You mentioned you were a lil swollen- I bet it was just water! All that sitting in the car made ya puffy.

    NO WORRIES MY FRIEND!! Here's to a GREAT week! :)